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Frederick W. Schueler

Apr 5, 2023, 11:18:37 AM4/5/23
to Eastern Ontario Natural History listserve
08h39: lightning - rain spatters - -1°C by remote thermometer - wind F3
F4 by waving treetops - not much wind at ground level - kayaks
previously blown off their stand

08h41: more thunder rumbling to N

08h42: road rain-spattered but none falling now

08h44: onset of heavy rain

08h48: thunder growling - ice forming on windows - getting colder - rain

08h52: graupel noted on the ground - maybe warming up a bit now.

09h03: huge rumble of thunder and then more - -2°C by remote thermometer

09h06: frozen drips on twigs, but no excess diameter

09h14: burst of precipitation after more thunder

09h29: no internet access (soon restored)

09h55: precipitation subsided - -2°C by remote thermometer

10h28: long rumbling thunder

10h53: huge booming thunder

11h10: 5 mm excess diameter ice on pollarded Acer negundo twigs with
1-2cm icicle drips, -1°C by both thermometers, rainy, F2 breeze - 8 mm
in rain gauge plus ice in funnel - ground mostly not frozen. Continuing
thunder & lightning. Weirs House sump empty.

11h15: especially big boom of thunder.

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Apr 5, 2023, 2:17:36 PM4/5/23
Pretty much the same here except that at some point we had some pea
sized hail. Just took the dog out for a very quick walk and there
were hailstones on the ground. We may have some such weather when I
was a kid, or during the 11 years I resided in the Excited States, but
I truly cannot recall having freezing rain in April. As you can well
guess my little sojourn out to the laneway pond is cancelled. There
is still ice on our little lake, although it has darkened in colour
throughout most of it, denoting it getting thinner. Rainfall amounts
haven't been as bad as predicted, we seem to be in a pocket of less
precipitation than what Inverary and Westport usually get. We're
certainly no where near the 10C warm temps that were predicted. My
old thermometer is not reliable, usually a few degrees warmer, so
guestimate is around 2C. I need to go down and sprinkle more bird
seed on the patio, there's a flock of redwing blackbirds, doves, and
juncoes for another spread, and the chickadees and nuthatches are
flying a steady stream to the sunflower seed feeder. I'll make sure
they all get a chance to fill their bellies so as to make it through
what looks to be a chilly night coming up.

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