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The Floating Brain

Aug 9, 2019, 6:02:23 PM8/9/19
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Hello everyone! As I look through the NaCl pages I get nostalgia for NaCl, and sadness at the fact that it is being deprecated. I don't think I will ever 
be quite use to the idea of my code not being close to the machine, not running on the bare metal when its on the web. I revisited these pages 
today because NaCl (specifically) achieved something. NaCl manages to be OS independent. I would like to adopt this feature in future applications 
I write: compiling them for a particular architecture. But how do I bring libraries along that have not been compiled in this way. From what 
I can tell you cant link to them. If I wanted an application, targeted for a particular ISA, to use say: OpenGL, or C standard library functions such as fopen, 
how would I go about this? I imagine they depend on certain OS specific functions (Pepper also interacts with things like OpenGL, how does it do that while being 
ISA targeted), is it always nessesary to recompile these libraries, if so, how (given functions like fopen and even malloc probably use OS specific functions)? 
Also as a secondary question some sources say to cross - compile, you need a machine of that ISA, why is it not possible for a compiler to 
act as if it were on a particular platform?

Thank you for reading, 
sad to see NaCl go

 - TFB

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