Future Uses of PNaCl

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The Floating Brain

Aug 9, 2019, 6:18:36 PM8/9/19
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Hello, I know I am making two posts at once, but I thought this question deserved its own thread. I am not all that familiar with the inner workings 
of NaCl and PNaCl beyond the basics of how they work and how to use them. I was wondering if the projects are structured in such a way that 
it may be possible to use them, particularly PNaCl in the future, and how easily that may be achieved?

Here are some more specific questions:

* 1 : Say I have a program I wrote in C++, and I wanted to deliver it as a desktop application, and the end user has something like a 
JVM for C++ on their machine only the "JVM" uses PNaCl/the PNaCl translator. How easily would it be to use PNaCl for that?

* 2 : for a more specific use case, lets say I want to use C++ as a scripting language in a game: 
    * A : How easy would it be to set up a system where a modder could compile the code to a pexe and 
        deliver it with relative ease to other players (or just pass the source code along and have the compiler come along with the game)?
    * B : To expand on that question, what if I wanted to use the games API in addition to or instead of the Pepper API? 
        How difficult would it be to separate PNaCl from Pepper?
    * C : Lets say I wanted to give users more power to access their underlying system in particular areas (weather or not that be a good idea), 
        how difficult would it be to remove some (or even all for theory's sake) of the security measures and sand-boxing to fully take advantage 
        of even obscure native features?
* 3 : How much more difficult is all this from just using the LLVM JIT + Clang to compile source code at run-time and link it into your application?
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