Mono 3.10 bundles available, now with ARM support!

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Elijah Taylor

Aug 23, 2013, 6:24:32 PM8/23/13
Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on Mono support in Native Client: The latest pepper_28, 29, and 30 bundles have been updated to a revision of Mono that more closely tracks the recent Mono 3.10 release.  

Also, there is support for ARM in these bundles now.  The caveats are: 1) the ARM port is newlib based while the x86 versions are glibc based, and only static linking is available in newlib.  2) the ARM port is a slightly (but not significantly) older version of Mono.  It is still very near 3.10, but there may be subtle differences.  We're working to resolve the version drift.

For download instructions and how to use, see this old thread.[1]   The hello_world sample works in ARM (browse to hello_world_arm.html), but obviously the dll_import sample doesn't because of lack of dlopen.


[1] TL;DR Run these commands:
$ ./naclsdk update
$ ./naclsdk install pepper_29 naclmono_29 naclmono_samples

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