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Nurjan MirAhmadi

Feb 26, 2013, 9:43:01 PM2/26/13
 Rashida khatun

Audhu Billahi min ash-shaytani-r rajim Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim Madad Ya Sultan Al Anbiya' Sayyidi -l Awwalin wa -l Akhirin. Our way is through association & goodness is in the gathering. This is the principle of the Tariqatul Aliyya. The purpose of the sohbat is to educate the mureeds, it is not through hardship.

The Shaykhs, Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim, are of two kinds...the Shaykhs. There are some of them who are educators and some of them who are leaders. But the Shaykh of tarbiya/educator is much higher in greatness & power.

They know the way. Without him they cannot reach and maybe may mislead themselves & others also. This Exalted Tariqah needs a perfect trainer to be able to lead the servants of the Lord to the way of Truth.

Their number has decreased in these times. This means that their appearance is forbidden. It is forbidden for them to appear unless there is permission. They have to have permission to teach and to speak about the hidden matters, general and obvious matters in the Tariqatul Aliyya. We are living in this time...

Bismillahi-r Rahmani-r Rahim, there are 41 Tariqas, of which 40 of them have closed doors and
only one Tariqah is open. That is the Tariqatu-n Naqshibandiyyatu-l Aliyya. If the Imams of the
other Tariqas come, they must ask to be spiritually trained, to be completed by a perfect Shaykh
in the Tariqatu-n Naqshibandiyyatu-l Aliyya, the exalted Naqshibandi Way. They must know
this, if not they will remain at their level.

Mawlana Shaykh, Sultanu-l Awliya, whose name is mentioned in the golden chain of the
Tariqatu-l Aliyya. He was the last one who carryied the greatest secret of the Tariqatu-n
Naqshibandiyyatu-l Aliyya. He left us...left.. he left someone to continue the Tariqatu-l Aliyya.
All the other ways are closed. You understand? They are closed.

They were going down hill, now it is time to go up hill, but they have no power to go up, except the Naqshbandi Way. They must know, these jamat, the Shazili and the other Tariqas, that in our time now the power of the locomotive is with the Naqshibandis no one else. They must know and seek spiritual training.

There is no one between East to West, Shazili or other Tariqas fit for this matter, because they
have reached... they have no power, they are sitting down eating, drinking and enjoying saying
that they are Shazilyin or Qadiriyin or Rufa'iyin, or one of the 41 Tariqas. They like to be in this
manner, thinking to reach what we reach but they cannot reach except with a locomotive. They
found an easy way to walk, but if it's like this one going uphill what do we do? Sit here until a
locomotive comes to move them & carry them. Otherwise it is not possible.

They say "come to us." We may go to any meeting from any of the Tariqas. They like to sit and
make zikr enjoying the invitation that their Shaykh was like this & that. Yes your Shaykh was like
this, but you are not in his footsteps. They became like pressed grapes, they became immersed in
this world. We are now in a time where there are very few men; there are no more true men left,
and all the Saints have disappeared. This is what they say, the Saints disappeared, they are not

These jamaat, they speak but they do not have the secret; the secret of the Tariqa they do not
have it. If the way is easy to walk, when the time comes, like now, to go up - what do you call it? -
the shift stick, they need the shift stick. I used to always sit next to the driver maybe for 60 years. I
never knew when they put the gear up first shift, second or third. These jamaats are like that,
they do not have a driver, each one tries for himself For what? With which Shaykh did you
continue your training? Which one of them has permission? Who is giving you spiritual training?
But they are like "who imitates a group of people becomes from them"(Hadith) "People will be
resurrected with the one they love." (Hadith) They love, but they love their Tariqa more than the
Tariqatul Aliyya. They remain there.

Let them enjoy what they have learnt & finish. But there is no engine that moves.. there is no
engine that moves them. From East & West it is obvious that the our Naqshbandi Golden Chain
ended with Mawlana Sultanu-l Awliya, Shaykh Abdullah Ad-Daghestani. The matter needs
seriousness & who puts effort, gains. Everything their egos like they give to it, then they claim we
are in this Tariqa like this. No! You are like someone going for a picnic. Let them, let one of
them claim that he is a spiritual trainer. He would like to sit with them, we do not mind. He may
give, but they, these jamaats, are not able to give anything to him. If they take any benefit from
him they are very fortunate, otherwise if he attends with them & they gain nothing, they wasted

Shaykh, there are no more Shaykhs. The Saints have disappeared. All the Shaykhs, real Shaykhs
are the Saints of Allah (swt). And they do not need to show themselves, and to call people to
come to them, no. To visit with brothers and be together is permitted, no need to stop that. If he
likes to visit them, visit them. But if they want to give him, he has gold, while they have copper or
tin. Tin! While he has gold, he has diamonds.

This is a delicate point. The Saints have disappeared. Our Shaykh used to say "in Damascus
there are 40 of them." Shaykh Effendi when he was on his way to the 'Umawi Mosque going
through the suq Al Hamidiya, they were coming & Shaykh Effendi from the other direction,
they used to change direction. They used to fear him, but Shaykh Effendi was never affected at
all. He was filled fully with the True knowledge. He was not in need. the Saints of Allah (swt) are
like this. They do not like that their spiritual states be revealed, never. There is no permission. 40
of them go to the 'Umawi mosque daily some of them they sit for half an hour, some for an hour,
some of them for 20 minutes at Sayyidina Yahya (as). On our Prophet (saws) salats & salams.
When they said he disappeared he disappeared, don't ask about him. Don't ask about him.
Because you do not have the balance to know him, no. Keep your manners with everyone, so no
one can get hold of you.

They are the children of the Prophet (saws). He has a spiritual charisma, he attracts, therefore
they like to be with him. There is no harm. He gives to them, but they do not give him anything.
May Allah (swt) keep us firm on the way of Haqq. Because we do not want this world. It's
finished. This world is a carcass, those who ask for it are dogs. No, we have thousands of
followers! You are a servant and I am a servant. There is no more than this. If there is training in
good manners, take from everyone, we do not mind but, if there is not, then do not waste time.
Masha'Allah! He is taking because of this, they like him to attend with them. We do not mind.
Do not run away from them if they ask you or love you to attend with them. Bring them
something it will make them happy, we do not mind. We do not forbid any person, and we are
the poorest of people, the weakest one.

I am thinking now are the clouds pulled by an engine left & right or by a battery? This is what is
occupying my thinking. I have a lot of time...
May Allah bless you all
Rasheda Thaha

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