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Nurjan MirAhmadi

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Assalamu `alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

19 Letters of Bismala is Saydena Muhammad [as] and His Family

Peace & Blessings

Nurjan Mir

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19 Letters of Basmala & 19 letters of Muhammmad Ali Fatima Hasan Husein [as]
by NurMir

Qul laa as'alukum `alayhi ajran illaa al-mawaddata fi 'l-qurba.
Say, "O People! I am not asking anything from you (no ajar, wealth), but only to love my Family." (Surat ash-Shoorah,42:23) 19 letters Muhammad Ali Fatima Hassan Hussein [as] Arabic 19 letters if Bismal They are the Secret of Bismala - Online http://nurmuhammad.com/pbuh/?p=422
Above the first was written:

"I am the praiseworthy, and this is Muhammad.
"Above the second : "I am the highest of the high and this is Ali.
"Above the third: "I am the Creator, and this is Fatima.
" On the fourth: "I am the beneficent, and this is Hasan.
" And above the fifth gate: "I am the bestower of charity, and this is Hussein.
" Gabriel said to Adam: "Mark well these names, oh Adam, there will come a day when you will have need of them." Now, when Adam descended
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As sayed nurjan mirahmadi

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