7 Diamonds, 7 Energy Stations of Arch Angel Gabriel [as] , 7 Saints of The Highest Realm

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Dec 7, 2008, 9:31:05 AM12/7/08
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7 Diamonds, 7 Energy Stations of Arch Angel Gabriel [as] , 7 Saints of
The Highest Realm

A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem

Nawaytu 'l-arba`een, nawaytu 'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu 'l-khalwah, nawaytu
'l-riyaada, nawaytu 's-salook, nawaytu 'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala al-

If I count the number of Grandshaykh's suhbats since I began to hear
his suhbat until he passed away, it might be you can count 10,000
suhbats since I began to hear or more and every suhbat is like a
fountain, pouring knowledge that we are in need for it.
If I count from when I knew Mawlana Shaykh Nazim until today might be
I count 20,000. And the most important is not the number of the suhbat
but the understanding of what they are saying or what they are trying
to tell us.

From one suhbat if someone is really into it, and he is seeking the
way of gnostics, one suhbat will be enough to change him from a pebble
into a diamond. One suhbat is enough to change a student from ignorant
to intelligent from darkness to light. But there is an obstacle that
is always facing us and if that obstacle we cannot clear it from our
way, it is always going to come in front to stop us from following
what they are saying.

Prophet built up his Sahaba, to take away from them that obstacle. It
is not so easy, but If someone has the intention Allah swt will give
him the energy.
Grandshaykh used to tell us an example what we call it not a story,
but a wisdom, an advice. And this advice since long time we didn't
brought it up, but now it might be important to bring it up.

Grandshaykh said, may Allah bless his soul, said
"there are 7 diamonds, they are the biggest in the world. And these
diamonds are
rare, only seven of them.

That Allah swt honored dunya with them." And
he said that no one can reach them. It is not something for people to
sell or to buy. These are seven, like seven pillars that are holding
the earth. These seven diamonds he said, they are, they have on them
the symbol of Sayyidina Jibreel (as). And they are hidden in earth
some in oceans, some in earth that no one can bring them up except in
time of Mahdi (as).

He said, "Awliyaullah they know where they are, but there is no
permission to bring them out. Awliyaullah can see them, when they need
power they go there and get energy and power from there. There are, it
is the picture of Sayyidina Jibreel drawn on them. It is the source of
heavenly power or energy that energy, what is running thru human
beings." There are many people who try to do, they say that they are
using energy or channeling energy in different ways of belief. Is it
not? And they think that they are doing something. But in reality they
cannot move one inch. That energy is not given to that heavenly energy
is not given to anyone except to awliyaullah. Other than awliyaullah
those who speak about energy and channeling energy that is earthly

Heavenly energy is related to these 7 diamonds jewels that are very
rare deep into a place that no one can reach them and awliyaullah are
taking from them that energy because it reflects the heavenly energy
on them and they are dressing it and moving with it. That is why
awliyaullah are like spotlights where ever they go they are center of
attention because they are dressed wit those energies.

These 7 diamonds one of them as with Sultan Ibrahim (as) ibn al-Adham
and when he left his kingdom it was taken from him. One wali appeared
and said, "Give it to me it is not yours."
Grandshaykh said "from these energies we take and we give. This is one
of the beginning of using heavenly energy. As awliyaullah ascend they
get more and more form these energies as the heavenly energy is being
transmitted from these 7 jewels hidden in earth."

They connect with these 7 energies like seven days, 7 heavens, and
many different number of 7 is being using. 7 points in the body, 7
secrets. All these number 7 is hidden the meaning of it and it is
related to the 7 energies that this picture of Sayyidina Jibreel is on

Allah swt mentioned in surat an-najm, wan-najmi idha hawa ma dalla
sahibukum wa ma ghawaa wa yantiqun an ilhawa in huwa illa wahyun yuhaa
allamahu...tadalla, fa kaana qaaba qawsayni aw adna... yara...inda
muntaha... jannatal mawa.

In the surah, that prophet when he was on his way to Night of
Ascension and he saw what he saw there and he was 2 bows of an arrow
or nearer, he saw, Jibreel, wa laqad ra'ahu nazlatun ukhra...

He didn't see Allah there. Because Allah cannot be in a created
creation, because laqad ra'ahu nazlatan ukhra, in another descension,
`inda sidrat al-muntaha in the Paradise that is not by the Kursee, not
by the `Arsh, and then that is between Kursee and the `Arsh, that
sidratul muntaha, the highest level that can be reached. `Indaha
jannat al-mawa, there is the abode tree, the furthest point that
anyone can reach and then Allah swt's Throne.

There he saw Jibreel in his reality. When Jibreel used to come to the
Prophet he didn't come with his reality but was coming with his
reflection. He was coming with his reality but not the one that is in
heavens because the heart cannot carry it.

So the reality of Jibreel that the Prophet saw, in the Paradise of
shelter, idh yaghsha as-sidratu ma yaghsha. Ma zaagh al basara wa ma
tagha. There he saw that huge light that appeared and it has no
beginning and no end. That light, when you look at a light, what
happens, when you look back? Blurry eyes.

Allah said in Holy Qur'an that when that light appeared to the Prophet
and Jibreel appeared the vision that the Prophet (s) was seeing was
never blurred by that. He was able to carry that light and channel it
thru himself, that light that appeared from the Throne what is there.
No one knows. Prophet reached qaaba qawsayni aw adna from there the
maqam of 2 bows length or less that reality came from there he saw him
Jibreel as he created him, saw his complete shape and that light was
shining and the Prophet (s) never got blurred eyes. His vision was
sharp; he was seeing these realities there.

From these realities the awliyaullah inherit this energy. It is not
chakra and makra and fakra. And I don't know what and they make names,
Reiki and energy points and energy no points, and they punch you with
needles, activating these points. These are like someone has a toy,
this one [I have a toy] like that has a toy and he pulled the head
from one side and pull the hand from one side and pt them together
back and put head back in the leg place and the leg in place of the
head an they practice on people these kinds of experiments and say we
are doing energy healing.

That is ok for children, do whatever they like. Keep people busy.
People like to waste their money, so keep them busy with that. Some
people say "we will give you electric shock" and they put small , 2
ohms and the say how do you feel now? "O I am better," what are you
going to say. They are cheating them and they inherited that. Real
energy is not a toy. Awliyaullah take from the Prophet (s) and the
Prophet (s) is taking it from the abode tree where that appeared.

So this is that kind of energy that we get is that awliyaullah is what
they look for.
He said, that and Sayyidina Muhammad (s) saw Sayyidina Jibreel in a
2nd descent at the utmost boundary at the 7th heaven...

These 7 jewels symbolize 7 heavens.

In every heaven, Jibreel appears in a different picture. They are not
able to take his reality so they faint, Sayyidina Jibreel. So In
different heavens 1st, 2nd 3rd he appears differently.
"beyond which no one can pass..." the Prophet was coming from there!
you go back a little bit it says. "Will you dispute with him, Prophet
Muhammad (s) with what he saw?"

He was coming back and Jibreel appeared in his complete reality, near
the Jannat al-Mawa, the Paradise of Abode, when that covered it the
Lote Tree what did cover it, the sight of the Prophet (s) did not
transgress nor did it....

When that light appeared the Prophet (s)'s sight was very sharp. That
energy when it comes at every moment in this universe, from that light
that appeared that energy that is all these kinds of waves and all
these kinds of vibrations that is coming from Jibreel. The awliyaullah
take from these wave and energy that are coming from that light.

So these 7 jewels each one is a reflection of the reality of Jibreel
from one of these 7 heavens. Awliyaullah make ziyarah there and they
take energy there in order to take more energy and in order to give
that to their followers.

That is why awliya don't like to be disturbed. There hearts don't want
to be disturbed They are in another presence. But people don't do
that- they come and go. He said, to me many times, "I like to be
alone. I like to be away form people."

And Grandshaykh used to say, "I like to be where no one can reach me.
I only want to be in presence of my beloved one Sayyidina Muhammad

So this energy that is coming, the awliyaullah swim in it and they
distribute it and channel to their followers everywhere in order that
they will be dressed with these realities and secret knowledge and
secret lights, in order that they will be dressed with it.

If you are in the army you have a certain dress to dress. On top of
that dress they give you these stars and on top of that they put these
medallions. You cannot put these stars on normal dress - it has to be
certain dress. You cannot put these stars on different dress. You
cannot put the medallion on any shirt like this shirt. Or this shirt.
I has to be a certain shirt the army gives to put medallions.

Also he cannot dress the students. Awliyaullah cannot dress their
students with these knowledge and realities if they don't give them
these dress that the stars can be dressed on it. That dress it the
energy they take from the energy of Jibreel's pictures dress on their
followers and on top of that they are able to dress different kind of
stars and medallions and buttons.

Everyone depends on his ability and capacity. Not hanky-panky issue.
There is a discipline that you have to follow. Energy must not be
wasted and it must be dressed the person and on top of it these
ornaments of will be dressed on them.

Mawlana gave permission gave tonight permission to speak on that
tonight, never that was give permission before.
The time is approaching. This Ramadan many many directions have been
given and message from prophet to awliyaullah to be ready for heavenly
support to bring peace on earth. May Allah forgive us. Bi hurmatil
[begins khatm]
[interrupts khatm]

We brought that story of Sayyidina Jibreel we brought that and Mawlana
is reminding me to go back to where we brought back the example, that
that obstacle that is facing every one of us that we have to eliminate
from our life is the obstacle that is stopping that energy from moving
in us and we have to keep that zeal that enthusiasm to do that. And
that main obstacle is the ego. It does not accept except what the ego
commands you. The go is always commanding and no way we are able to
ride on it. When you are able to ride on it, it means you reached the
level of sainthood. The Prophet eliminated that from his Sahaba. He
used to say, "O Allah don't leave me to my ego for blink of an eye,"
and the Prophet is ma`sum and still saying that. And that means our
ego is the main obstacle that is stopping us from reaching that
So Grandshaykh gave us three to put in our head like 3 nails.

1) if your shaykh to dig you amanat Is down in earth, keep digging
until you reach. Like you are going to find the jewel of Sayyidina
Jibreel and he give you broken shovel. And tells you dig. What is you
duty if you say this is broken shovel and use your mind you are
So many times this is the obstacle. One on the 3 examples this is the
obstacle. You cannot say to yourself, "O, what I am going to dig, 1
yards or 2 yards or 3 yards, cannot dig more than that. No need to dig
anything, no need to dig." Might be you find in one meter. Your duty
is to dig.
If the shaykh says to you "O my son take this cup and empty the
ocean." What is your job? To take the cup and empty the ocean. That
means don't let your ego to give you wrong information. If your shaykh
says to you that your trust, that diamond of Sayyidina Jibreel, is in
far east and you are in far west. Don't say "I cannot" you duty is to
go. Find a way.
So these examples are to show us that our ego is the problem. To get
this energy to be dressed with it to get these knowledges is to
eliminate this obstacle. That is why Mawlana shaykh remind me to make
that point.
It means don't fight; don't argue' don't criticize. Keep patient and
peaceful, tranquility, contentment.
Fatihat ush-sharifah.

As Sayed Nurjan MirAhmadi

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