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Lukas Zapletal

Jan 18, 2022, 11:38:25 AM1/18/22
to nanoc

we have a nanoc site in ./web and then bunch of guides (documentation) in ./guides/build. I would like nanoc's web server to publish ./guides/build under path /nightly as well as /X.Y. Is this possible without any plugin? Or how would I do this?

Thanks for help, this is our site:


Denis Defreyne

Jan 25, 2022, 3:58:46 AM1/25/22
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Hey Lukas,

Would it be a solution to use multiple #write directives? For example:

compile '/guides/build/*.md' do
  filter :kramdown
  write '/12.7/'    + item.identifier.without_ext.split('/').last + '/index.html'
  write '/nightly/' + item.identifier.without_ext.split('/').last + '/index.html'

You’ll have to adjust it to make it work for your specific use case, but that’s the gist of it. Lemme know how that works.


Denis Defreyne
[dəˈni] • pronouns: he/him

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Lukas Zapletal

Jan 25, 2022, 8:55:35 AM1/25/22
to na...@googlegroups.com

sorry I did not make it clear earlier, but build artifacts are
generated by something else (asciidoctor books) and are actually just
HTML files with images. I do not want to build them via Nanoc, just
publish them (make them available through webrick when testing the
site). I was hoping for some trick just to tell the webserver to
publish them. I tried to create symlinks via Ruby in Rules but Nanoc
hated it :)

Thanks for help!

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Lukas @lzap Zapletal

Denis Defreyne

Feb 12, 2022, 5:33:33 AM2/12/22
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Hi Lukas,

There’s no trivial way to tell the web server to serve files from two locations. You could create your own Rack config.ru file which uses Rack::Builder with Rack::File and Adsf::Rack::IndexFileFinder (see https://github.com/ddfreyne/adsf#indexfilefinder). But that’s not the most straightforward, for sure.

Alternatively, you could compile the Asciidoctor books into content/ anyway, and then use Nanoc’s `passthrough` rule (https://nanoc.app/doc/rules/#convenience-methods) to copy those compiled Asciidoctor files as-is to output/. That might reflect better how you deploy your site, too (it is the approach I use when I use other tools in combination with Nanoc). It’d look something like this:

1. Use asciidoctor with `--destination-dir`:

asciidoctor --destination-dir=content/book

2. Set up Nanoc’s rules to copy everything in /book recursively, as-is:

passthrough "/book/**/*"

There are variations available for that too, like matching all of /content/**/* and then writing them to a different path (using `compile` and `write`). Hope that helps!


Denis Defreyne
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