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Jun 5, 2009, 3:46:39 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
I am now posting the secret Motors and Test to the webpage! These
ARE the motors we will be using for our Mission. I will put up the
link as soon as they are uploaded! The Altitude Record attempt will be
one of these also. And the satellite test.



Jun 5, 2009, 4:21:31 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
Here is the Link:

I am updating the whole site with new information.
The videos will be last.


Jun 5, 2009, 5:14:35 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
Looks interesting. Do you plan to publish some of the motor data,
like propellant, casing mass, expected Isp?

Are you planning 3 stages? or 4?

How will your motors compare with that used by Up Aerospace, which
uses, I think. the one that was used for that 72 mile altitude record
some years ago.

In a while I will start a liquid propulsion thread, discuss rough
design parameters of this choice.


Jun 5, 2009, 5:25:43 PM6/5/09
Hey Monroe,

Nice video of the balloon launch.  Even if things didn't go according to plan, it's good to see you guys.  Looking forward to the rocket test videos.

One question, though - who's the dumb-looking schmuck standing in front of a whiteboard on your Pictures page?

Paul H. Dear,
Chief Optimist.

The N-Prize,
PO Box 1133,
Cambridge CB22 3WB

The sender of this email is not responsible.


Jun 5, 2009, 6:16:14 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
Rocket Test Video is up!

Yes, All available motors and pram. will be available on the ANEI
This data will be made available for customers.

I am still Chest deep in work, now that the cats out of the bag.
There is still more to be reviled over the weekend.

Will there be a big bang? I don't have time to do anything about media
untill all this is out on the web and then we will do a press relase.

There is also an animation of our mission forth coming tonight I hope.



Jun 5, 2009, 8:16:23 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
I think you look rather professional standing there Paul :) After all
it is all your fault! :)


Shear genus, look at what you have done! I can't thank you enough.

I'm not proclaming to have victory in sight yet guy's. We are still a
long way out, but we are making real progress. I still feel CU
spaceflight has an edge on us and today thats the real truth.

We are rapidly aproaching their position though!
The next 2 missions will make it more interesting.

Then we intend to surpass JP Aerospace in rocket balloon launches.

Progress seems so slow but we have come a long way in 8 or so months.
for (would be bofins)


Jun 5, 2009, 9:24:03 PM6/5/09
to N-Prize
Up Aerospace! Wonderful!
I did not know? I have to reasearch that and that is direct
competition for Aeronautic Enterprises so thats great news. We need a
direct competitor and this looks good. Masten Space Systems offers
similar services to what we are looking at as well and I did find a
couple others, but this looks more direct than any of them. Thanks for
the heads up! (pun) :).

The new Wiki will have the data you are looking for on it Charles, as
it pertains to the N-Prize mission. There Is some updated information
for the X-Prize as well it is secondary of course but we still think
in that direction when we can.


Pete (Nebula)

Jun 6, 2009, 4:42:10 AM6/6/09
to N-Prize
Hi Monroe

Very nice videos - well done. I'm not just impressed with the rocket
firings, but with the test stands and the fantastic views in the
background as well.

From the photos, you've obviously had more than one test firing but I
have just one question for now: The firing appears to last for 4
seconds; is this self-imposed ie it the result of how much gas (I'm
guessing N2O) was used, or is this the designed burn time. Feel free
not to answer if it compromises your team.

With respect to the loss of GPS on your balloon flight, I've been
thinking about what could have gone wrong. It shouldn't take a GPS
unit longer than 3 minutes to aquire all the satellites it needed,
especially in an area with horizon-to-horizon visibility. I did
however note that all of the antenna on your unit were grouped
together. Was your transponder operating in continuous transmit? If
so, it may go a little way to explain why a fix couldn't be obtained.




Jun 6, 2009, 5:18:46 AM6/6/09
Awwww shucks, Monroe.  

I'm waiting for someone to say "Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into!"


Jun 6, 2009, 8:54:08 AM6/6/09
to N-Prize
Sorry, I've learned so much I could never possiably complain. I've had
more fun than ever as well and for me that's really saying something.
The guy's on the team are the best too!

You are very astute indeed! These are test. Honestly there are many
more to run. Yes

The Sonde being lost is still a mystery. We plan to post some reward
signs over there on our next launch. I extensively tested the unit. I
have a track test I'm going to post on the blog of the system worknig
on the ground over many miles. I was so happy with the payload it was
a very tight and cheap solution. The battery quality of these 9v
lithim's may be a major problem we had 2 fail and one that ran for
2.5hrs so we are looking into that. There may be an unforseen problem
above the ground as you suggest I don't know. That seems weard to me
though anyway we may run a teather test.

Some conserns on the team about hydrogen caused us to use He instead.
We are going to do some ignition test with the balloons. I really
belive the flash will be to quick to do much damage with this size
balloon at least. I really don't like the idea of wasting He and
hydrogen is cheaper. The launch platform will have to use Hydrogen I'm
not paying for He for that I don't care what.

I am going to post some information about station keeping for the
drigable and some are going to think it's too far out I'm sure, but we
are testing a Corona Ion Engine and there will be some Video of that.
I think some of you will love that! A bigger vacuum chamber is being
made right now from a 250 gal. Propane tank.

There is a Large EHD thruster as well for Higher atmospheric
pressures. Some of you will enjoy that as well. I'm better at
particule physics. I just pretend im a particule and decide where I
would go :) Just like rocket science. Besides guy's anyone that can do
the math can do any part of this deal I don't see anything in
practical rocket science that is not just waiting for you in the text
books! It's old news. bla bla bla thats what it sounds like to me I
don't have problems making the calculations It's not like it's new.
Let's try something a little less trampled!


QED you might get a kick out of this little model in a jar I'll post
some photos for you over the next couple days.

I'm off to launch Dave's Quad Pod at an ARRG event so see yall
somewhat later today.
Yesterday was a record day for the website so I plan on dumping a lot
more info tonight.


Jun 6, 2009, 9:39:23 AM6/6/09

Re the battery/sonde issue,  I ought to re-read the earlier posts to see if this has been suggested (probably has), but isn't it likely to be a temperature proplem?  Do you have a guess on the altitude at which things died, and the temperature at that altitude?


Jun 6, 2009, 3:35:42 PM6/6/09
to N-Prize
Yes and it was cold -40 at least.There is a graph on the blog temp/
We are testing a li-poly rechargable.

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