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Arnold Daniels

Jun 1, 2007, 1:04:59 PM6/1/07
to MySQL UDF Repository
Hi all,

This already seems a nice and colorful group. So let me introduce myself
as well.

I graduated in computer engineering, where the focus was mostly on
electronics and low level programming. Currently I do the system design,
and write server management software for a hosting company I party
manage (and party own). I've recently started my own company which is
dedicated in making better control software for hosting companies.
Both the hosting company ( as my own company (Jasny)
are part of a holding named Javeline. The main focus of this holding is
to provide rich client applications. This makes me also involved in the
whole web 2.0 revolution.

We do most of our data storage in MySQL, often converting it to XML and
handling it from there. If there's a free choice, I prefer to write
programs in in PHP, bash scripts or perl. But I'm also very involved in
writing extension and patches for all kind of different software, so I
know my way around most common programming languages like C/C++, java
and phyton.

As I said, we're in the web 2.0 business, so there a lot of deep
knowledge within the company about web services, http, all kind of
different XML protocols and making the browser do all kinds of things it
wasn't design for.

I've written the libmyxql UDF, simply because generating XML in a
scripting language is often to slow for real use. I was also involved in
a patch to insert XML directly, the same way 'LOAD DATA' inserts CSV.
Unfortunately this proved to be quite hard, so we never came further
that a working prototype and MySQL AB didn't pick it up.

I would most like to see an UDF which implements the curl lib. Together
with the json and xml udf's, MySQL can do powerful things by accessing
web services directly. If I can find some time, this will be my next
project for the UDF repository.

Best regards,

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