Myna 1.9.19 Released

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Mark Porter

Aug 10, 2013, 5:42:34 PM8/10/13
Release Name: 1.9.19

This version removed the beta designation and starts a new version numbering 


Major version numbers will only change when significant architectural changes 
are made with little concern for backwards compatibility

Minor version numbers change with the addition of new features. No intentional 
breaks with existing functionality

Buildnum version numbers change with bug fixes and security updates

* Upgraded Rhino to 1.7R4
* New Administrator application
* Profiler: added totals to averages display
* Profiler: added end time to summary display
* Profiler: Added experimental profile() function to attach profiling functions 
  to objects
* FlightPath: added Model path caching when not in debug mode
* FlightPath, Controller: this.model is now a lazy load property.
* FlightPath, MynaAuth behavior: rights are now cached in the session scope
* FlightPath, Direct controller: API is cached for 1 day, when not $FP.debug
* FlightPath: Controller and model paths are cached for 1 day, when not 
* FlightPath: Controller names are cached for 1 day, when not 
* FlightPath: model managers are now lazy-loading. Managers are only init'd
  if accessed
* FlightPath, application.sjs: init() clears caches when in debug mode, or 
  $application.version changes
* Added SSL support to embedded Tomcat server
* Added Permissions.getUserGroupByName
* Added String.lpad and String.rpad functions
* Added selectable logging engines to general settings.
* Added Myna.Sandbox (experimental) Java sandboxing for untrusted code
* Added Myna.Shell for interactive shell/ssh scripting
* Added optional mass assignment protection to DataManager
* Added Myna.Admin.user.getModel
* Added Myna.getGlobalScope(): a function to grab the global scope of the current 
* Added scheduled task management to Myna.Admin
* Request Timeouts now call $application._onError, and close objects opened with 
* String.toHash/hashEquals now use stronger hashing algorithm: sha-256, 16 bit 
  salt, 100K iterations. String.hashEquals is backward compatible with old 
* Changing Admin password requires either current password, or temporary auth 
* Updated Myna.ThreadPool, add documentation
* Saving schedules now reloads the task grid

* Removed req var dumps from Myna.formatError
* Made MynaThread.sharedScope_ a public property
* Date.formatInterval will now user singular terms for singular 
  intervals, e.g. 1 second vs 1 seconds
* removed thread limit on cron reloads
* Added New cron system. This handles large number of tasks more efficiently
* Moved Task and DataSource functions in Myna.Admin to Myna.Admin.ds and 
  Myna.Admin.task respectively
* Update FlightPath to use new Myna.Admin function names
* Changed upgrade_tables to use Myna.Admin
* Installer now removes /myna folder before upgrading to clean up old admin apps
* Myna.Query no longer caches select statements. 

Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug in central login page regarding "login_page" parameter
* Fixed bug in Permissions.UserGroup.removeRights that would cause an SQL error
* Fixed bug in Permissions.UserGroup.removeRights caused it to not exist
* added GC to health_check.sjs to prevent unnecessary restarts when garbage 
  collection is slow
* Myna.Cache now only uses a separate thread when background refreshing
* fixed bug in ObjectLib.toArray to make it IE compatible
* FlightPath.Controller: fixed docs for addFilter
* FlightPath.Controller: removed undocumented auto-creation of model key in params
* FlightPath: getModel: tables names are now converted to model names 
  when searching for a model definition
* Fixed case in header check for $server.serverUrl
* Myna.Cache: appname now properly assigned as default tag
* Myna.Cache: getByTags now works
* FlightPath, FormatPdf Behavior: Now including "$server.serverUrl+$FP.url" 
  as the base url for xmlToPdf
* Fixed setting and saving related data  in DataManager.get() and 
* fixed bug in reload_cron when looking for deleted cron jobs
* DataManager: Fixed bug related to applying related data via 
* DataManager: removed parent object creation/saving for belongsTo 
* $application.onError now honors canceling of default error handler
* fixed usage bug in installer  
* Myna.Admin validation tweaks
* Myna.Cache: fixed memory leak
* reverted oracle schema lookup to JDBC meta data lookup to prevent infinite recursion during query errors
* Fixed blank schema aliases in db_manager
* Fixed mis-targeted column completion dialogs in dm_manager
* Fixed calculation for weekly scheduled tasks
* fixed infinite loop for hourly tasks the day after Daylight Savings switch

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