Myna 1.0 Beta 9 Released

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Mark Porter

Mar 15, 2012, 10:31:39 AM3/15/12
to MynaJS-General
* added Array.getUnique
* Added config.debug FlightPath option (set in application.sjs).
* FlightPath: Behavior: MynaAuth: Now checks for server admin access
* FlightPath: $FP.getParams now logs routing failures with metadata
about what
matched and what didn't. In debug mode, logs successful routes as
* added cached ORM template clearing on server startup.
* added DataManager:ManagerObject::makeTree(). This will convert a
ManageObject into a TreeManagerObject
* Added Async.js to shared/js/libOO/client.sjs
* added DataSet.toMap: treats two columns as key/value tuples and
returns the equivalent JS object
* added routing metadata to FlightPath. If debug is true, then this
will log
information about every attempted route. If debug is false, this
will only log
metadata for failed routes
* Myna.Permissions: getLogins now takes a type filter. If provided,
and array of login strings is returned instead
* DataManager: added alias property to managers. This is model form of
the tablename
* FlightPath: MynaAuth behavior: added anyUserList for action that
just require an authenticated user
* FlightPath: MynaAuth behavior: added logging of failed
authorizations when $FP.config.debug
* FlightPath: getModel: If a model is not found, all managers are now
* Array.appendUnique now takes an accessor function
* DataSet can now promote array-like objects to a DataSet
* FlightPath: added defaultDs property
* added $server.reParent (experimental)
* FlightPath: MynaAuth Behavior: added userFunction
* added toArray to ObjectLib and Object
* added remove_on_expire option to run_cron.sjs remove a task after it
has expired (future use)
* added option to DataSet.toMap to map whole rows
* modified reload_cron.sjs to to clear the timer is a named task does
not exist

* removed Hazelcast and dependent functions in Myna and $session
* Inflector: added "content" as an "uncountable"
* removed openid search from adduser dropdown in permissions
* LDAP auth adapter: Made searches broader, and fixed bug in search
that would suppress results that did not have an email address
* DataManager: autocreation of parent bean when saving a bean with a a
belongsTo association is now disabled if the relatedField is set to
* DataManager: manager.exists() now actually tries to instantiate a
manager. This allows for replacing getManager with an external manager
factory, such as in FlightPath
* updated docs for Funciton.prototype.cache to warn about use in class

Bug Fixes
* FlightPath: Controller: Direct: Falls back to Object.toJson() if
JSON.stringify fails
* FlightPath: $FP.getControllers now returns a raw array rather than a
broken DataSet
* Myna.Admin: Datasource validation: no longer validates port if
location == file
* Myna.DataManager/FlightPath.Model Automatic hasOne and hasMany
correctly map raw table name when it does not match the convention
* DataManager now uses the actual table name for hasOne and belongsTo
* DataManager:getLabel and genLabel now bind properly to models
* fixed bug in client-side compatibility of Validation.toCode()
* bug fixes for DataManager:TreeNodeObject: moveNode
* Bug fixes for FlightPath::Controller:getElement
* modified permissions/auth.sjs to honor a passed loginPage
* Cosmetic changes to adduser dropdown in permissions
* DataManager: Fixed bug where same named tables in different
datasources could overwrite each other in the class cache
* DataManager: Fixed bug where "" was not considered null in the
primarykey field
* DataManager: fixed default column names for associations
* DataManager: added better error handing for relatedBean
dereferencing errors
* fixed bug in Database.getTable() that was causing problems with same
named tables in different datasources
* FlightPath: Models: fixed bug related to converting plural model
names to singular
* changes to centralized login to better handle proxied sites
* added required properties checking to DataManager association
* DataManger: Added sanity checks for associatations
* Validation: made more browser-side friendly
* Fixed subtle bug in $req.type that caused it to report the wrong
HTTP method
* DataManager: TreeManager: create() no longer sets tree related
columns when
the bean exists. Should use TreeNodeObject.moveNode to manipulate
tree columns
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