How the MLO team is working during the war and what our plans are

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Alyona (MLO Support)

Mar 31, 2022, 12:21:13 PMMar 31
to MyLifeOrganized
As you know, Ukraine, where our entire team is from, is currently fighting against Russia for our freedom and democracy. This war has affected every aspect of our lives, but we continue to work and want to update you on the current situation.

In our blog we talk about how we are working during the war, how you can help us, and what are our future plans. 

We also invite you to discuss the new features for the desktop-version!

Learn more:


Apr 1, 2022, 2:24:24 AMApr 1
to MyLifeOrganized
I am really happy to read that you try to continue to work on MLO under the depressing circumstances in your country.
All the best for the team and of course for all Ukrainian people!

Regarding the V6 feature feedback, I have a clear favorite: The separate Notes window.
If you are looking for a beta tester or more detailed wishes regarding this feature I will be happy to assist.

Jonathan Davis

Apr 1, 2022, 1:10:40 PMApr 1
Really glad you are all safe. Desperately sorry to see your homes and communities destroyed. Hoping for peace as soon as possible. 


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Silvan Schibli

Apr 3, 2022, 2:02:41 PMApr 3
to MyLifeOrganized
Dear MLO Team

Just a week ago I realized, that MLO is developed by an Ukrainian team.

First I want to thank you for this exceptional great tool, which I use on Android and Windows for about six years now.
Since the early nineties I tested and used so many task managers, organizers and project planing tools, I couldn't put a number on them. Then I discovered MLO, which was a revelation somehow.

I always knew, it's possible to develop a software like MLO, unifying all the features one needs, but scattered over hundreds of apps. Sometimes I was pretty close to start such a project myself *kidding*. Anyway, now this wasn't necessary anymore, thanks to you guys.

MLO is the best, most versatile tool of this kind! And since the first day of using it, I'm totally convinced by your work.

It's a bit difficult to change the subject at this point, but truly I hope that you, Alyona, Andrey and the whole team behind MLO, is healthy and save ... at least as far as it's possible in a such crazy and horrible situation. It's just utter madness and so hard to believe, a war in Europe is going on again.

I know that people all around the world are thinking of the Ukrainian people and their bravery. And we all look forward to the day Ukraine is free again. I'm positive this day will come ... hopefully very soon!

I also hope the governments everywhere will do everything possible to help ... still more than they do now.

All the best thoughts and wishes!
Silvan (near Zurich, Switzerland)

John Stanforth

Apr 4, 2022, 4:49:41 PMApr 4
to MyLifeOrganized

COMPLETELY AGREE, with all of this!  (I mean, except only the "kidding" note, because as I've told Andrey before, I really DID write my own similar outliner-based task-list app in 2004/2005, before finding MLO in 2007!)

And yes, I think Silvan expresses very well what many of us are feeling, that these events are so shocking and every day so many of us around the world are all hoping and worrying that the whole team behind MLO is staying healthy and as safe as possible.

Thank you also, Andrey and MLO team, for the blog-post update on everything going on there.



Apr 4, 2022, 6:16:36 PMApr 4
to MyLifeOrganized
Please start new topic with proper subject and I have input on that when you do. But it does not belong in this thread, which is the MLO team showing they have not stopped working because of the war. They are not giving up!

Steve Kunkel

May 3, 2022, 8:25:18 PMMay 3
to MyLifeOrganized
What a trip.  I didn't even know you guys were based in Ukraine.  The Whole World supports you, my friends.  Stay strong and keep being awesome!
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