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Andrey Tkachuk (MLO)

Jan 31, 2011, 6:45:24 AM1/31/11
to MyLifeOrganized
I would like to share with you the roadmap of MyLifeOrganized
products. As you know are working hard on several MLO products at the
moment and I would like to give you more information on this.

We have started working on new major version 4.0. Here is the part of
what we plan to add:
- Tabbed interface and new windows
- Time tracking in some way
- Full Unicode support
- Will consider a way to see tasks in a calendar view (did not
decide the implementation details yet)
Before new major version we may release a few 3.x versions with minor
updates. For example we need to add WiFi sync support for iPhone and
As always our goal is to keep MLO lightweight and as powerful as you
want it to be in your setup!

The MyLifeOrganized Cloud Sync service doing very well and we will
continue working on optimization the cloud:
All our products already connected to MLO-Cloud: MLO-Windows, MLO-
iPhone, MLO-BlackBerry, MLO-PocketPC, MLO-Android (Android currently
in beta).

As you know we released FINAL version 1.1.
Right now we are working on new version 1.1.1 which will address some
known issues.

As you know we released version 1.0 FINAL in December and already
published two updates.
The latest update version 1.1.0 released a few days ago. The change
- Added Projects and Goals views.
- Added profile management. Now, for example, you can have separated
profiles for your Home and Office tasks. Each profile can by synced
to own file on MLO-Cloud.
- Added changing parent of a task in Task Details dialog or when you
create a task. This way you can change parent to any project or any
bookmarked task.
- bugfixes
Right now we are working on the following functionality:
- WiFi sync
- Reminders
- Search
We will continue to improve current iPhone version. We also plan to
develop HD version for iPad.

We will need more beta testers to test new functionality very soon. I
will publish a form how to apply to the iPhone-Beta team later.

The critical functionality has been implemented, tested and optimized
with current team of beta testers we selected. In a few days we plan
to increase the beta team from people who already applied and release
new beta to bigger beta team. If there are not critical issues then
MLO-Android will be released to PUBLIC very soon and you will be able
to try it and provide your feedback on our Android forum.

We will continue supporting existed version of MLO-PocketPC. We
already connected it to MLO Cloud so that you can sync with your
desktop over-the-air even without ActiveSync. Recent update also fixed
a few issues.

MyLifeOrganized forum
We are planning to move from google groups to a new forum. If you have
any suggestions – let me know. The option to read forum and respond
with email is preferable. Alternatively the forum may be replaced by a
complex communication system (see below).

Customer communication
We plan to setup the complex customer communication system which may
- customer satisfaction forum (like UseVoice or Getsatisfaction
- Facebook fan page (already done:
- Twitter (already done:
- Blog
- New forum
With all new exciting products we will definitely need new
communication system in place. So we need to decide how all these
things will connect to each other. For example will we need a regular
forum if we start using getsatsfaction? If you have ideas or
suggestions – let us know on this google forum. It will work until we
implement the new setup.
I really appreciate Mark’s effort to setup UserVoice for MLO:
Let’s consider it as a temporal unofficial MLO community until we have
the full community system in place. I am closely monitoring the
UserVoice and the information there will definitely help us to
understand priorities of our customers and plan accordingly.

MyLifeOrganized website
We are working on redesign of our website to better support all new
product we added last year.

We are very excited about all the new products and power we are adding
to MyLifeOrganized. You know that launching new products always
requires much effort and concentration. Especially if you want to
deliver high quality. Hope you will enjoy the new level of
MyLifeOrganized products!

Thank you.
Andrey Tkachuk and MLO-Team

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