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Rachel Simpson

Mar 29, 2009, 9:56:58 PM3/29/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
So we registered to enter formshift, in the wildcard category.

3. Vancouver Wild Card – a design that pushes the envelope of sustainable design and community building for Vancouver. This may be an aggressively imaginative, speculative and/or futuristic concept that suggests a radically new model of sustainable design for Vancouver, even not currently viable. Solutions that are adaptable to other sites are strongly encouraged.

All submissions must be designated for a single award category. Entrants are invited to enter more than one category. A separate entry fee is required for each submission.

Judging Criteria

The jury will give consideration to such characteristics as:
• originality and innovation
• new “built form” ideas
• integration of sustainable design strategies and technologies
• urban environment synergy, including both living and working
• artful response to site and context
• sensitivity to cultural and climate factors
• aesthetics
• adaptability to other sites and situations
• potential to inform future city development

Note: Applicants are strongly advised to read the Vancouver EcoDensity Charter in its entirety.

The identification of entrants will be kept anonymous throughout the submission and judging stages of the competition. In all instances, the decision of the jury shall be final and binding.

We need to get together all of our ideas and put together a draft- which I think will be good for the project, and for the class. A meeting perhaps? Tuesday morning or Wednesday afternoon anyone?

I'll try to have a google sketchup completed/ tricked out for then. We can revise, do a few more concept sketches (maybe playing a bit more with the form for the competition.) If anyone wants to do some sketches or bring bizarre ideas, please feel free.

Scott Newson

Mar 29, 2009, 11:22:16 PM3/29/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
Just clarify, the submission for this is due on the 6th of April, a week from tomorrow.

I won't be able to meet up anytime before then, but I'll help with write-ups and idea culling.

Rachel Simpson

Apr 6, 2009, 1:56:11 PM4/6/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
Edits, edits! hooray!

1) Lori is a hottie. Srsly guys. Check out the new and improved facepage at myhomeyourhome.tk
-events should be mentioned somewhere on our webspaces- perhaps on the facepage? in particular, the ecodensity show
-new images: the updated version of the home should be there somewhere. I'll email to lori
-the wiki needs to have more consolidated info from the blog, ideally within a week.

any other thoughts?
for those of you who aren't in our class group, the deadline for that is in a week. if there are any other things you can think of, we would really appreciate feedback before then.


Scott Newson

Apr 6, 2009, 2:43:05 PM4/6/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
Delicious. very.

I really like the new layout. I also really like how it is staying comfortable at a single page with links to other nodes. (I'd want serious conversation if people suggested adding more pages to it.)

Some quick thoughts:

+I might consider the 'The house we design will..." black box superfluous. Or at least suggest that we move it down a bit... I'm not sure whether it's the content in it that I don't feel necessary on a frontpage... or that I don't like the form of a 'heavy' black box in the middle of the page.
=Perhaps it could be moved down below the image? (it being 'heavy' and all)

+The first thing I did when I saw the 'people' how...' and 'why?' bits was to try and click on them. I assumed that they would be links to pages on the wiki or somesuch. Perhaps this came from my knowledge of there being pages on these topics elsewhere...
=Could something be done to make them less 'link like'? Perhaps make them look like pull down menus or look more interactive...
=Also, the text that pops up when they are moused over needs fixing. there are leading symbols (']' and '=') in the text that make it look really sloppy and unprofessional. Go to
in the source file to fix.

+Finally, the rss feed on the right seems to only show the comments and not the new posts. The javascript used in the source code references this page. I don't know what it does though.
=Can this be fixed? Either to show both comments and new posts, or just to show new posts. (I'd go with the former)

Great job everyone! I'm done classes on wednesday, so perhaps we could get together on thurday to polish up the wiki? Physical proximity would help with productivity.


Rachel Simpson

Apr 6, 2009, 2:59:25 PM4/6/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
quick question:
how can we link people to sign up for the mailing list?

Scott Newson

Apr 6, 2009, 10:27:17 PM4/6/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
Promotion boxes:
} I'm sure we could edit the code so that it looks better. (ie take out the google image)

Good idea.
Also rss feeds from the blog?
we should be able to get an rss widget premade from somewhere fairly easily.
or we could try yanking the code from the blog:
attached is what I think does the rss widget on the blog. I have no clue what most of it does. Perhaps we can just try copying and pasing it.
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