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Rachel Simpson

May 3, 2009, 2:07:50 AM5/3/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com, Adrien Guenette
updates, updates!

So there are still quite a few things to wrap up before the gallery show opens on the 9th.

-tomorrow, zack, ben and I will be cutting 2 by 4s for the platform. We should have it covered- but give us a call and cheer us on! also: adrien, may I borrow your item? I can come by and pick it up.
-on wednesday, we'll start setting up. this will mean assembling the platform, which will be a large job. we'd love to have any hands that are free. we also will need some drills if anyone has.

--> we need to buy paint still. anyone want to go on a paint run?

-after the platform is constructed, we'll be painting it. we'll do this on thursday so that it can dry on friday.
-we will need to furnish the platform for our needs. this means.. a rug, pillows or low seating of some kind, and whatever we need to take care of ourselves on a daily basis. I'm thinking that a kettle will be nice
to have, maybe a few books, and tea.

-we need to bring a computer terminal (either zack's or scott's desktops) and set it up. We can probably rest it on the cabinets that are along the west wall of the gallery. standing or sitting terminal?
-it needs to be set up on the wireless network (with the router we have,) and sketchup may need installation

-we will also be needing cards, and flyers for the potluck
-online promotion should continue. eg fb group, website, emailing people and groups you think would be interested.

-planning workshops in more detail. promoting them- individual fb groups? people to invite?

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Let me know if I'm missing something:)

Scott Newson

May 3, 2009, 7:39:54 PM5/3/09
to myhomey...@googlegroups.com
for the terminal, zack's desktop has the wireless card in it. which will probably make things easier.

I'll try to be down at the gallery for one or both of the construction and painting days. (this will be at the gallery right?)

I don't think that more facebook groups are necessary, I certainly won't want to keep up with them.

Shall we just give a non-commitment as to what times we'll be on any given day and wait until we have a better idea of how days will work out? I'm thinking that we'll have a better idea after the first weekday (monday the 11th)

Paper promotions need doing and collaborating on. Can we make them as svg so that they'll be open and easily cross program? I have no idea how to start with this, you designers know better than I do. Can you start? even just the layouts?

I'd just let online promotion fall to emails. Let's build a generic info email that can be customized to specific people. Goodoc happening.
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