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Rachel Simpson

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Subject: LivingDensity - Important Dates (Update + Tentative)
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Hi guys and gals!

First of all I will like to thank everyone who submitted images and texts! They look great and inspired me to write the curatorial essay!

Here are some dates we can keep in mind:

April 27th to May 6th: Set-up at the gallery (installing Rachel Simpson + team's platform, Caine and Josh's products and the posters detailing works by Rachel+team, Caine, Josh, Steve, Angelique, Joaquin, Halima and Lila).

May 8th: Exhibition Opens (Around 7pm to 11pm)

May 9th: Forum component is held (Around 1pm to 5pm) > Participants here include Pat Chan, Joaquin Karakas, Katherine Isaac, Mike Barber, Peter Cardew architects (a rep will come) and hopefully Prof. Maged Senbel from UBC will join us.

I have attached the meeting summary we went through at Joaquin's office on March 24th. The summary details the project and what each member is doing. Any one is welcome to help with the set-up.

Thanks guys!

Patrick Y. Foong Chan, MDes(Hons), PhD
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