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Jun 21, 2020, 2:50:42 PM6/21/20
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We are longstanding Gerim and returnees to Judaism (Ba'alei Teshuva).

We understand the fundamental need of people in our situation, who come from outside, to connect with others who can understand and provide support, a listening ear, and advice.


Therefore, we created this email group for:

 Gerim (converts to Judaism)

 Those in the process of Giyur (conversion to Judaism)

 Ba'alei Teshuva

- Those involved in helping the above.



Sharing information, questions and answers regarding:

 The Giyur process

 Judaism and all aspects of Jewish living

 Jewish culture and Israeli society

 Mutual help, practical matters and tips



1. The group is not for other subjects.

2. Advertisements for events and services - only those directly related in theirs nature to Gerim and Ba'alei Teshuva.

3. When you post, please indicate the topic clearly in the subject line.

4. It is preferable to write your full name at the end of your comment.



5. This is a private, closed group. 

It cannot be accessed by non-members.

Everything posted is to stay within the group.

6. Because both men and women are members in this group, please respect the privacy and modesty of all members and keep personal communication to essential matters only.

7. If you feel your privacy was compromised, please report to group administrators.

8. Please do not copy group members' name or email addresses, or personal matters outside this group.


Members are welcome from all countries. Language is English.

You are welcome to pass this letter on.


To join the group, please email us at:

write    join me    in the subject line,

And tell us your full name.



We look forward to hearing from you,


Nissan and Rivka Levron

Betar Ilit, Israel

Group Administrators

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