For help: a performace issue of mybatis 3.5.3

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May 14, 2022, 10:17:47 PM5/14/22
to mybatis-user
My team meet a performance issue of mybatis 3.5.3, execute a simple select from mysql which takes about 15 seconds. The result of this query is a List<Map>, and the count of the list is 150. The mapper is as follow:

<select id = 'selectMapList' reusltMap='mainMap'>
      select #90 properties# from table where #condition#

<resultMap id = 'mainMap' type='java.util.Map'>
      #90 <result> label #

But when I update the version to 3.5.4, it works fine. I have traced the source code and found DefaultResultSetHandler#handleRowValuesForSimpleResultMap method cost too much time, but I can't found the root cause of this scenario. Could somebody help me about this? thx.

Iwao AVE!

May 17, 2022, 7:38:01 PM5/17/22
to mybatis-user

The community improves MyBatis continuously, so it is no mystery if the newer version works faster.
If your goal is to improve the performance, just use the newer version.
We always recommend the latest version (3.5.9 at the moment).

If it's a "I'm just curious" question, you should use `git bisect` to find the exact commit that affects the performance.
Notable changes are listed in the release note.
Without concrete information, there is not much other developers can do about performance issues.


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