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Adam Hepner

Feb 10, 2010, 12:33:44 PM2/10/10
to My Web Brain
As I mentioned in a mail to You, I have a sugesstion. How about
integrating with Evernote? I mean look, Evernote's sole promise is to
capture _everything_. And they're pretty good at it, too. They can act
as preety much the ubiquotus capture tool, and now, that their api is
open, and more and more apps are using it to feed relevant data to
user's accounts - it looks to me as a logical step, that MWB would be
the right tool to add the GTD to it.

That shouldn't be extremely hard to do, and it'd boost Your
application in many ways. First of all - users might be able to
capture data from the web, from the browser, from the desktop without
opening the browser (!), from their mobile phones, from their cameras,
both text, and pictures, and documents (!) - and then it'd make
perfect sense for them to keep the data stored in evernote for
reference, while managing projects and actions in MWB (or MWB mobile
for that matter - I'd kill for that one :P). Also, because Evernote
has paired up with some other companies, I know that for example some
use Shoeboxed to feed their recipes to evernote - they just pack it in
an envelope, mail it, and receive it back, alongside with scans being
fed into evernote. That shoulb be in their INBOX! I mean - in MWB :)

It's really like the missing part of the evolution for them.

And with positive buzz about it, it might mean big $$$ for You, in the
subscription model :)

Ben from My Web Brain

Feb 11, 2010, 8:21:28 AM2/11/10
to My Web Brain
Thanks for the idea. I have a few ideas of applications to integrate
with. I have not used Evernote but I have heard people talk about it.
It will be worth a look. Opened ticket #261 (enhancement) so I do not
forget it.

How do you see it working?

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