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Aug 3, 2011, 1:02:30 AM8/3/11
to mxug
Hey MXUGers,

TL;DR: Fill out this short survey if you are interested in MXUG

MXUG started in March of 2009 as the brainchild of Mark Ryall, because
he wanted the opportunity to sip of the firehose of technical
obsessions that people have been cultivating. Part of the appeal of
the group is that it isn't devoted to a particular framework,
technology or programming language, but is open to all things techie.
When Mark moved to Brisbane a small group of members volunteered to
pitch in with the organisation and running of the group.

Over the two years enthusiasm and attendance has waxed and waned, but
it wasn't unusual for meetings with fewer attendees or lots of off-the-
cuff lightening talks to be some of the best. However in the last 4-6
months there has been a definite struggle with getting sufficient and
varied presentations, and with attendance in general. The occasional
meeting was cancelled due to a lack of participation. Also, some of
the current volunteer organisers are wanting to pull back from that
role and we need people to step-up if MXUG is to go on.

_SO_, to give you, the members of our user group, an opportunity to
decide the future of MXUG, I've started this discussion thread on the
mailing list, but more importantly, have published this short survey
form -

If you are interested in MXUG continuing at all, please take a minute
to fill out the survey.

At this point, I would like to personally thank Mark for instigating
this endeavour, the organisers, and particularly all those who have
participated. You've widened my techie interests and cultivate my
inner-geek. (Oh, and thanks to Thoughtworks for the facilities and
introducing me to Crusts pizza!)

What say you?



Aug 15, 2011, 12:45:19 AM8/15/11
to mxug
Hi all,

The survey request resulted in 14 responses, which is a pretty clear
indication that the impetus for MXUG is running low at the moment.

Thusly, the current volunteer organisers have decided to put MXUG in
an indefinite hiatus. The mailing list will remain open, so please
feel free to post tidbits there that you think MXUGers would find
interesting, as many of you already do.

You may also find the following events of interest, as they run a
couple of times a year and are in a similar format to MXUG:

Will MXUG return? Sure, you never know. We might find after six months
we are all itching with new and interesting obsessions we want to
share, some new volunteers may step up to run the show, and after a
break it may flourish once again.

In the meantime, thanks again to all those who participated.

Peace and chocolate.
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