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Noon Silk

Jul 22, 2011, 9:34:47 PM7/22/11

For those playing at home, in at first a seemingly biased result, I
won my own programming competition. Thanks to all those who competed.

I was deemed the winner (by myself) because I was the only person to
have something runnable when the time was up. Sam was a close second,
losing perhaps only because he was intermittently distracted by his
son, and of course he had the severe handicap of using perl. Other
competitors had a bit of trouble getting the data into a usable format
(Korny, apparently the JSON file wasn't well formed ...)

I must admit, that I won really because I actually did no programming
myself. The only thing I did try to program (saving the random list)
failed miserably. I generated the DB layer with LLBLGen (anyone who's
spent more than an hour talking to me about programming will know I
love this tool), and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to
create projects in visual studio again; but after that, I just
happened to already have a prior project where I'd displayed a random
list of things. I, of course, re-used that, and it worked. So, the
moral I suppose is - code reuse is good?

Anyway, because I won, I of course won the right to my book, Famous
papers in Computer Science. But, as discussed during the competition,
we ended up realising that the loser probably needed it more, so
hopefully next competition Sam will apply the new found knowledge and
beat us all convincingly!

In summary: Thanks for playing, it was fun, and I look forward to another one!

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