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Mar 24, 2022, 2:48:28 AMMar 24
to Pick and MultiValue Databases

Programming with Python or PHP to access your MV database is easier with Linkar Framework
Linkar Framework for PHP or Python are a set of open-source libraries that allows developers to create their own applications that connect to the linked Linkar Server to access the different MV Databases

PHP sample code of a Read function

include_once 'Linkar/Linkar.php';
include_once 'Linkar.Functions.Persistent.JSON/Functions.php';
public function MyRead()
$credentials = new CredentialOptions("", "QMWINQ", 11300, "admin", "1234");
$result = DirectCommands::Read($credentials, "LK.CUSTOMERS","{ \"RECORDS\": [ { \"LKITEMID\": \"2\" } ]}");
return $result;

Python sample code of a Read function

from Linkar.Linkar import CredentialOptions
from Linkar_Functions.Linkar.Functions.LinkarFunctions import *
from Linkar_Functions_Direct_JSON.Linkar.Functions.Direct.JSON.Functions import *
def MyRead():
credentials = CredentialOptions("", "QMWINQ", 11300, "admin", "1234")
result = Functions.Read(credentials, "LK.CUSTOMERS","{ \"RECORDS\": [ { \"LKITEMID\": \"2\" } ]}")
except Exception as ex:
print("ERROR: " + str(ex))
# Do something
return result

Linkar Trainer will help you generate your own source code.

Download the libraries from here  and view all the source code in Github
Linkar Framework is totally free and royalty free.
You only need a Linkar Server License to connect to the database.
Ask for your Linkar Server Evaluation license here 

and coming soon Linkar Web Services... The professional API...

The kosday team

George Gallen

Mar 24, 2022, 10:51:54 AMMar 24
to mvd...@googlegroups.com
I took a quick look and have questions I could not find on the website....
  1. what multivalue functions are available once  data is retrieved? insert/delete/locate  (PHP)
  2. I didn't see anything regarding read/write/release of record locks
trying to determine if this would be a better replacement for our home rolled routines.

I really couldn't find what your libraries are capable of emulating.


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Mar 24, 2022, 11:40:24 AMMar 24
to Pick and MultiValue Databases
Hi George.

1.- Linkar returns the results in structured strings that we call lkstring.
With the Linkar.Strings library functions you can extract the information contained in the lkstring. Manual
And the Linkar.LkData library functions allow to build more sophisticated and friendly objects from lkstring. Manual
The functions for handling attributes, multivalues and subvalues are in the mvOperations class of the Linkar.Functions library. 
LkDCount, LkCount, LkExtract, LkReplace, LkChange. Manual

2.- In github you have a quite extensive example of the different functions, including read and write. Github test sample
Linkar does not work with Pessimistic Locks (readu, writeu) in High Level Language. When it internally saves a record it previously locks it.
Linkar works with the Optimistic Lock. The User activates it when reading the record, and when writing it sends a copy of the original record to Linkar.
Linkar will jump on error and cancel the write or delete in case the original record does not match the one saved in the database.
Full Manual

Any other question do not hesitate to ask, and thanks for your interest


George Gallen

Mar 24, 2022, 12:06:12 PMMar 24
to mvd...@googlegroups.com
Thanks. Will keep in mind.


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