[AD] BI with AI for jBASE along with U2

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Dawn Wolthuis

Feb 5, 2024, 10:22:44 AMFeb 5
to mvd...@googlegroups.com
When Informer 5.9 is released, it will include not only our beta AI feature set (using both data-savvy algorithms and ChatGPT 4) but also our new jBASE connector in beta delivery. 


Informer works with a whole slug of connectivity options, including REST APIs. It natively works with JSON -- we work out of the box with non-first-normal form data), along with the usual line-up of SQL databases. To date, among the MultiValue options, Informer works with UniData and UniVerse. We are adding jBASE to the line-up. Informer is great at reporting across data sources, and we have many customers using both SQL and MV data sources for their reporting and dashboards.

Whether you are using jBASE or not, if you have an interest in seeing the latest Informer reporting/BI, in asking English questions of your data [I can hear Reality users saying they already use ENGLISH], or if you have any questions about it, email me at dwol...@entrinsik.com.


Take and give some delight today


Feb 5, 2024, 11:19:54 AMFeb 5
to mvd...@googlegroups.com



I don’t see D3 in the line up. 
Any plans to add it? 



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Dawn Wolthuis

Feb 5, 2024, 12:25:31 PMFeb 5
to mvd...@googlegroups.com
Good eye,Tom, and you are correct. We do not yet have a D3 connector. I've been told some stories on that front, as it appears there was an abandoned attempt some time ago. We do have a new angle for proceeding with the D3 connector if and when there is a business case to do so. We have had some D3 interest. I can add interested organizations to the list -- just shoot me any relevant info off list. If anyone is game to help add to the business case, I'm all ears.

The jBASE connectivity came about with an existing Informer customer switching from U2 to jBASE. We haven't had any of our existing U2 customers request D3, so we would need one or more partners in that venture in order to dive back in.  

Thanks for the response.  --Dawn

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