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May 23, 2024, 1:52:46 PMMay 23
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Looking for magic mushrooms online? The Stargazer mushroom is one of the oldest and rarest strains out there. Here's a quick guide to everything you need to know about this unique strain.

Stargazer spores are known for their deep purple color and significant scientific value. Discovered near ancient Inca ruins, these spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomic use only. Due to their rarity and unique properties, they are subject to legal restrictions in California, Idaho, and Georgia. For optimal storage, keep them in a cool, dark location at 2-8°C.

The Stargazer spore kit includes a pre-filled 12CC syringe for easy access to the spores, a sterile alcohol swab to maintain a clean research environment, and a sterile needle to simplify spore handling. Polysorbate 20 is included to prevent clumping, ensuring the spores are evenly dispersed.

The Stargazer mushroom strain offers therapeutic benefits, enhancing mental health and providing psychedelic effects. Users often report vibrant colors, deep thoughts, and a strong connection to nature. These experiences are due to psilocybin, which interacts with the brain to create unique effects, making the Stargazer strain a sought-after option for those exploring mental health benefits or seeking a touch of adventure.

Experience a heightened sense of creativity and positive effects on mental well-being and physical relaxation with the ancient Stargazer strain. Known for its unique blend of euphoric and calming properties, this rare treasure from the Andes Mountains can elevate your mind while unwinding your body.

Discover the wonders of the rare Stargazer strain, with its deep purple spore color and rich historical roots near Inca ruins. Perfect for microscopy enthusiasts and those seeking a unique exploration.

All psilocybin mushroom spores are intended for microscopy research only and are not for consumption. This site does not promote the cultivation of any psilocybe genera mushroom. All information and images contained within this site are for educational reference only.

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