mwa2 and two factor authentication

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Jeremy Larose

Oct 23, 2016, 10:26:33 PM10/23/16
to MunkiWebAdmin
I was using the previous "new" munkiwebadmin by Steve Kung and was able to implement django two factor following these instructions...

but they don't seem to work with the new munkiwebadmin2.  Two factor works, devices can be added... the login authentication just seems to bypass it though and  never uses the two factor.

Has anyone else been able to get two-factor setup yet? Thanks

Jeremy Larose

Oct 24, 2016, 12:02:14 PM10/24/16
to MunkiWebAdmin
ok, I just needed to redirect / and "login" within so i didn't use "django.contrib.auth.views" which bypassed the two factor... there's probably a better way to do it by i just... edited as such...

added to top....
from django.views.generic import RedirectView

and edited these two lines to be the following....

urlpatterns = [


    url(r'^login/$', RedirectView.as_view(url='/account/login/'), name='login'),


    url(r'^$', RedirectView.as_view(url='/manifests/')),
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