Munki and Munkiwebadmin on the NetSUS appliance

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Matt Ware

May 29, 2015, 11:53:51 AM5/29/15
Does anyone else run munki and munkiwebadmin on their NetSUS appliance? I got munki set up without any issues, but I'm struggling with munkiwebadmin. The part I'm at is adding the config changes to default-ssl.conf, and when I make those changes it breaks the webadmin for the NetSUS as well as my munki repo (located in /srv/SUS/html/). I've been digging through the NetSUS install scripts to see if I need to make those config changes somewhere else, but I can't find anything. What's weird is I can't find any mention of the netsus or it's config files in the default-ssl.conf, even though the webadmin does use SSL.

I do have a couple things I'm varying from the original instructions. I already have an SMB share set up so I'm not bothering with the webdav, and munkiwebadmin is local only, so I don't *need* to secure it with ssl. I did skip over the "redirect all traffic to SSL" step because that would break the http downloads for munki as well as the netsus.

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