Munki and Python 3 and PyObjC

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Gregory Neagle

Apr 9, 2021, 6:32:50 PMApr 9
to munki-dev
In the Munki5dev branch, I've updated the version of Python to 3.9.4.

PyObjC 7.1 was released at the end of December 2020, but it appears Ronald O uploaded wheels containing only x86_64 libraries. So I (so far) have not updated the version of PyObjC past 7.0.1.

I did ping Ronald O once or twice about the PyObjC 7.1 wheels, but he's made no changes. It's free software from a volunteer, so he owes us exactly nothing and I don't plan to bug him any more.

But: if we set --no-binary :all: in the py3_requirements.txt, we can build a Universal2 Python 3.9.4 framework containing PyObjC 7.1. The problem is it takes a long time, since it has to build every PyObjC module from source. Personally, that's not a huge issue for me, since I don't build new versions of the Python framework very often. But there are some people who have set up Continuous Integration-style jobs to build Munki packages daily or with every git push or whatever and have expressed to me concern about the time taken here.

My inclination is to say "thems the breaks right now" and just deal with the slow build times for now.

If someone wants to work on some optimization strategies, here are a few I can think of:

1) Don't always build a new Python framework; build it once and cache it for future pkg builds until a new version needs to be built
2) Do some analysis and instead of including all of PyObjC, figure out what subset is actually needed/required
3) Volunteer to help Ronald O with PyObjC maintenance tasks and help him get Universal2 wheels uploaded to PyPi.

I'm sure there are other possibilities.


Graham Gilbert

Apr 10, 2021, 11:19:53 AMApr 10
I’m fine with this. If people are building on every commit and not keeping the build artifacts somewhere, they’re doin it rong. 

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Gregory Neagle

Apr 12, 2021, 1:21:06 PMApr 12
to munki-dev
Thanks for your input, Graham.

I've made the change in the Munki5dev branch.


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