FEATURE SUGGESTION: installing from remotely mounted DMGs

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Apr 25, 2022, 11:49:38 AM4/25/22
to munki-dev
Hi all,

I have been using postinstall_script functionality to install some items from remotely attached disk images, especially with items that will take huge amount of disk space if downloaded the regular munki-way.

As using postinstall_script for installing items there is no proper output from logs so it would be better if munki could directly support installing from remote DMGs.
If pkginfo had a key like remote_mount then munki would try to attach the dmg from the specified URL to a random tmpdir and look for specified installer item from.

There are risks like unstable network connections with this method but I have successfully installed quite a many items, even over the internet (we have a local munki server). Are there any other potential problems or should we try to implement this in some near-future version?


Greg Neagle

Apr 25, 2022, 1:29:21 PM4/25/22
to munki-dev
I have no plans to add such a feature.


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