supressing formfeeds when using the printer class

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May 15, 2009, 4:50:53 PM5/15/09
to multisoft FlagShip
Does anyone know how to supress the initial FF when using the
_oPrinter:ExecFormatted([p1],[p2]) method?

An example of my code is:

_oPrinter:pageSize := "Letter"
_oPrinter:headerLeft := ''
_oPrinter:headerMid := ''
_oPrinter:headerRight := ''

set printer to (fileOut)
set console off
set device to print
set printer on

? ":pageSize" + TAB + TAB + _oPrinter:pagesize
? ":printExecutable" + TAB + _oPrinter:printExecutable
? ":driver" + TAB + TAB + TAB + if(empty(_oPrinter:driver),"(not set,
using default)",_oPrinter:driver)

set device to screen
set console on
set printer off
set printer to
m->_oPrinter:ExecFormatted(fileOut, Font{"Helvetica", 10})
ERASE &fileOut.

The printer always ejects a blank page even though there is no EJECT
in the data. It was suggested this might be a printer reset but it
seem unlikely that a reset is necessary or desireable for every job
sent to the printer. Any help would be appreciated.

Dale Dawson
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Paul Berger

Aug 3, 2017, 11:42:21 AM8/3/17
  _aGlobSetting[GSET_G_L_PRINTF_EJECT] := .F.  // don't eject
see also .../system/initio.prg

In the coming VFS7, there will be advanced printing available, with full controll over the page size, printing images etc.
by @..SAY and @..DRAW same as on the screen now.

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