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Havoc Pennington

Nov 6, 2006, 2:39:51 AM11/6/06

Big picture on the weekend's commit logs - StackerBean has been purged
of block-type-specific knowledge, with the exception of the migration
code. I haven't thought too much about the migration stuff yet, will
probably just leave it for now. If someone has bright ideas give it a shot.

I probably managed to break something even though in theory these
changes were just rearranging code, there were a few substantive changes
mixed in to make the interfaces cleaner.

I think we're good to start piling on new kinds of block, though. We'll
have to do a wiki page on how to add one, but here's the short version:

- implement a way to get the info you need into the server app,
for example by polling an RSS feed or talking to a web service.
This will often be a new subsystem/session-bean of some kind.

- add a Listener interface in server.listeners package that allows
other session beans, such as your block handler, to keep track
of events from your new subsystem that should affect the
associated Blocks

- add a new value to the BlockType enum

- implement a subclass of BlockView

- implement a BlockHandler session bean in server.blocks

- implement the jsp tag to display the block on the web

- implement the HippoCanvasBlock subclass in the client
to display in the client


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