Operations with crystal directions

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Eugenia Nieto

Nov 23, 2020, 6:42:20 AM11/23/20

Hello all!

I have been working on operations with crystal directions following the example included in the MTEX documentation (https://mtex-toolbox.github.io/CrystalOperations.html). In the lines below you can see my shortened script (find it attached also), focusing in the sections I am most interested on:
%% No rotation
cs = crystalSymmetry('6/mmm'); % Mg-hex crystal symmetry

m1 = Miller(1,0,-1,0,cs); % My crystallographic direction
% no symmetry
% symmetrised
s = unique(symmetrise(m1),'noSymmetry'); % the 6 unique symmetrically equivalent directions
%% Rotated
ori = orientation.byEuler([10,20,30]*degree,cs); % Input orientation in Bunge Euler angles (deg)

p = ori * s;
p1 = ori * m1;

Summing up the code, I am interested on identifying the points in the plot that correspond to each direction and its symmetrically equivalent directions. In the first part of the code I simply plot my crystallographic direction m1 in two cases: no symmetry and symmetrised. In the case of the symmetrised plot, the 'labeled' command allows to identify the point that corresponds to each direction with the subsequent Miller indices.

Then, in the last section of the code I want to apply this direction to a given orientation (defined by the Bunge Euler angles in degrees), in my case the orientation 'ori'. As well as in the first part of the code, I applied the rotation both with no symmetry and symmetrically. Then I plotted the result. My problem comes with the labeling of the points, which now is in the let's say 'vector3d' format. What I would want is to identify all the rotated parent directions with their corresponding Miller indices, as in the plot obtained in the first part.

I hope I have explained myself properly and someone can help me! Thanks in advance!!


Ralf Hielscher

Nov 23, 2020, 6:46:39 AM11/23/20
to mtex...@googlegroups.com
Hi Eugenia,

could you please use the new forum at

Thank you very much,


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