strptime with dateless time strings

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Joshua Chia

Nov 18, 2021, 4:01:49 AM11/18/21
to mtail-users
I have log files that span less than 24h and the timestamp text in them have no dates and look like "15:04:05.123456", expressing local time.

The date is implicit in the name of the directory containing the log file, the creation/modification date of the log and the system clock, but I don't know whether or how these can be incorporated in the calculation of the timestamp.

Although each log file spans less than 24h, sometimes a log file can cross midnight, earlier log entries have one date and the rest have the next date.

How can I get mtail to obtain the correct timestamp values? It wrongly assumes January 1st because the first month & first day are the default values.

-syslog_use_current_year fills in the year using the "present year". Is there a special reason something similar does not exist for month & day?


Jamie Wilkinson

Nov 25, 2021, 7:25:07 PM11/25/21
to Joshua Chia, mtail-users
You can use the `getfilename` builtin to extract a date, perhaps, but that won't work completely as you say it spans a day.

The special reason that somethin similar doesn't exist for month and day is that no-one asked for it yet :-)

If you don't use any settime, then mtail will use the *current* timestamp, which will be different than the one in the log due to processing delay, but that will get you closer as a workaround.

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