LIRR Shapes Missing Belmont Park

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Shawn Tolidano

Jan 23, 2024, 11:25:00 PMJan 23
to mtadeveloperresources

When you look at this map:
You see that there is a little line connecting to Belmont Park as an offshoot.

I am attempting to find this in the shapes.txt file for the LIRR, but after parsing the file, no lat coordinate comes close to the lat for Belmont Park when filtering by longitude:

Here I am pulling all longitudinal coordinates between -73.728 and -73.729

> cat lng73728 | sort | uniq -c
   6 "40.6203940118"
   6 "40.6207737043"
  18 "40.6659466128"
  18 "40.6659484955"
  32 "40.6660281969"
  49 "40.7193487506"
   8 "40.7863542167"
   8 "40.7866278899"
√ [23:08]  ~/dev/yamtam/merge
> rg Belmont ../data/zip_lirr/stops.txt
80:"24","BRT","Belmont Park","40.71368754","-73.72829722","","1"

If I try the latitude first of "40.713", there is nothing within .01 (so, a few miles).

Am I missing something?

On the website, it says trains no longer go there except during Belmont Stakes: 
"LIRR trains no longer run to Belmont Park station except during the Belmont Stakes."

It also notes there is a shuttle bus to the station from UBS Arena (which is not how the map reads).

Will the shapes.txt file change when it's time for the Belmont Stakes to show the line and then remove it again once the event is over? Or will the stops.txt file contain this sort of unreachable station?



Jan 24, 2024, 7:16:15 AMJan 24
to mtadeveloperresources
The proper shape for the tracks leading to Belmont Park will only be included when there is a train scheduled to serve the station in the feed. Right now and for the foreseeable future, there are no such trains.
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