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Dimitri Fautsch

Jun 15, 2021, 8:55:43 AMJun 15
to mtadeveloperresources
Dear MTA Developers, 

Does any of you have GTFS schedule data for the subway before the current schedule (last updated April 31, 2021)? 

A brief intro to my project is below:

The subway is built to withstand the crush of rush hour - the morning commute especially felt like traveling in a tin can of sardines. But now that office workers are home workers, it's rush hour's turn to be crushed. The current reality may only be temporary as businesses target a post Labor Day return to the office.  

I'm looking at the MTA's weekly turnstile CSVs. Each row contains a count of the number of the people who swiped through, or exited, a given turnstile within a four hour interval. So, it's possible to observe the flow of passengers throughout the day. 

Also, I'm looking at GTFS data, specifically trips and stop_times. I'm using stop_times to understand service frequency: the number of stop sequences in a given hour is the specific metric. So, it will be interesting to see when they next update the service schedules if anything has changed. 

Thank you,

Jun 15, 2021, 9:17:56 AMJun 15
to mtadeveloperresources
Try for historical static gtfs files.
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