Special contributors-only edition of Git for Windows

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Johannes Schindelin

Jun 12, 2010, 9:10:04 AM6/12/10
to msy...@googlegroups.com

this Git for Windows release is meant for a limited audience: you should
not install and use it if you cannot fix bugs yourself. There are known
issues, but you should not hold your breath to see them fixed. Instead,
you should start to get them fixed.

For a list of tests that are still failing, see:


For a list of still-open issues, see:


For a list of issues whose reporters expected other developers to do their
work (and which therefore did not get fixed in time for this release):


As this release is meant for contributors only, I can safely skip the
Known Issues.

This release is dedicated to the people who helped msysGit by developing
it, fixing bugs, and helping others on the mailing list or via the Wiki.

A special thanks goes to Sebastian Schuberth, who not only continues to do
an excellent job with his maintaining the InnoSetup-based installer, but
also by prodding me into making this release.

Changes since Git-

New Features
Comes with Git 1.7.1 plus patches.

Issue 27 (git-send-mail not working properly) was fixed again
Issue 433 (error while running git svn fetch) was fixed
Issue 427 (Gitk reports error: "couldn't compile regular expression
pattern: invalid repetition count(s)") was fixed
Issue 192 (output truncated) was fixed again
Issue 365 (Out of memory? mmap failed) was fixed
Issue 387 (gitk reports "error: couldn't execute "git:" file name too
long") was fixed
Issue 409 (checkout of large files to network drive fails on XP) was fixed
Issue 428 (The return value of git.cmd is not the same as git.exe) was
Issue 444 (Git Bash Here returns a "File not found error" in Windows 7
Professional - 64 bits) was fixed
Issue 445 (git help does nothing) was fixed
Issue 450 ("git --bare init" shouldn't set the directory to hidden.) was
Issue 456 (git script fails with error code 1) was fixed
Issue 469 (error launch wordpad in last netinstall) was fixed
Issue 474 (git update-index --index-info silently does nothing) was fixed
Issue 482 (Add documentation to avoid "fatal: $HOME not set" error) was
Issue 489 (git.cmd issues warning if %COMSPEC% has spaces in it) was fixed
Issue 436 ("mkdir : No such file or directory" error while using git-svn
to fetch or rebase) was fixed
Issue 440 (Uninstall does not remove cheetah.) was fixed
Issue 441 (Git- installer fails with unwritable
msys-1.0.dll when ssh-agent is running) was fixed


Johannes Schindelin

Jun 13, 2010, 9:54:28 AM6/13/10
to msy...@googlegroups.com

On Sat, 12 Jun 2010, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> New Features
> Comes with Git 1.7.1 plus patches.

Sorry, I forgot to post the link to the downloads (all 4 packages have
been updated, Git for Windows, Portable Git, the net and the full msysGit


The first two packages were not marked "Featured" to avoid attracting
users who cannot fix bugs themselves.


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