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MSSA Vice Commodore

Jan 22, 2024, 8:20:34 AMJan 22
Hello MSSA, 

This message is to any racers looking to attend the racers meeting and discuss any topics for the up coming racing season. This years racers meeting will be held at the MSYC on Feb 12, at 1900. It will be held ahead of the monthly general meeting. During the January general meeting a few topics were brought up, and will be further addressed at the February meeting. The following were the topics brought up during and after the meeting and a few ideas I had. 
  1. RC refresher meeting (msyc members too)
  2. Division splits (after spring series)
  3. Race schedule (MSSA races are priority)
  4. RC duty incentive (high point race coverage)
  5. Destination races/cruises
  6. Weekly race gathering/awards at the town tower?
  7. Non-spinnaker navigator course vs. windward leewards ((C/D division?) PJYC does navigator courses for JAM class)
  8. Earlier Time of first gun later in the season due to sunset?
Please if anyone has any other ideas or thoughts send them along. It was brought to my attention that some of the MSYC members would like to participate in RC duties, this would help support the need for a RC refresher meeting. 

RC duty sign ups will be on sign up genius and will be live by the time of the Racers meeting. I would prefer to see high point races covered with a RC. These are the races that count, they go toward the high point award. 

Mr. Hall brought up an idea of having a list of member's willing to cover RC assignments if it is an empty slot. If anyone would like to be put on that list please let me know. I will do my best to contact the assigned RC the week of their assigned duty. As I said in the meeting in January, it is the VC responsibility to run the races, so if there is no assigned RC and I have no other options I will run the races. I am not a fan of the self starts, especially for the high point races. Also anyone willing to bringing along new members looking to learn please let us know. We have new members wanting to learn and participate. 

I will firm up the final Race schedule with the bridge and send that out soon as well. It is mostly set, there were one or two issues that needed to be swapped but otherwise the racing season is looking good. 

I have already acquired the 55 gallon barrels needed to replace the race marks. We lost T, and the anchoring line for R was cut so we will need new anchors and chain for those. I have already reached out to oldmans about any old mushroom anchors they could donate. Also any bottom paint donations or orange or black paint donations for the mark party are appreciated. 

Any other thoughts or concerns please let me know. I will do my best to address them. 

Kenneth Nilsen
MSSA Vice Commodore

Daniel Butler

Jan 22, 2024, 10:42:01 AMJan 22
to, MSSA
Kenny, i cannot be there, but i do have a suggestion.

What about this?…combine “Pro-Am” with a educational mixer every other saturday afternoon for a mixed bag of starts, boat handling, match racing, rabbit starts and crew work etc.. Ask for a few boats to go out and just have some fun.

Just a thought.



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MSSA Vice Commodore

Jan 22, 2024, 11:21:17 AMJan 22
to Daniel Butler, MSSA
Thank you Dan,

I will add it to the list to discuss. 

Kenneth Nilsen
MSSA Vice Commodore

On Jan 22, 2024, at 10:41 AM, Daniel Butler <> wrote:

Kenny, i cannot be there, but i do have a suggestion.
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