0.20 Released

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Mike McTernan

Mar 5, 2011, 9:50:18 AM3/5/11
to mscgen-announce
This is a bug fix release with the following changes:

0.20: 05/03/2011
- Fix spelling errors (issue #58)
- Add a MSC validation phase to check that all the entity names are
known before rendering is started. This now also outputs the input
line number at which a problem was detected e.g.
Error detected at line 10: Unknown source entity 'xyz'.
(issue #62)
- Add width and height attributes to svg output.
(Thanks hwmaier for pointing this out, issue #63)
- When wrapping words in boxes, hypenate very long words if needed to
fit the available space.
(issue #59)
- Fix assertion if ... is placed on the same line as another arc, but
after the arc has been specified.
- Fix regression where blank lines at the start of input would be
rejected and parsing stopped.
(Thanks Bernhard for the report and example)
- Allow output to stdout if - is specified as the output filename. Fix
opening and closing the output file twice - the dummy output in the
first layout run now goes to /dev/null (or a temp file on Win32).

Additionally an installer for Windows is now provided, as well as yum
repositories containing RPMs for Fedora 13, 14 and 15 and EPEL 5


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