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Michael McTernan

Jul 13, 2009, 4:35:15 PM7/13/09
to mscgen-...@googlegroups.com

0.16: 28/06/2009
      Fix segfault on malformed input, issue #10.
       [Thanks Neils for reporting and providing a fix]
      Replace flex default rule so that it will not echo unknown characters.
       Instead it returns an unknown token to the parser which then stops
       and warns about the erroneous input line.
      Match \r\n, \r and \n line endings to count input line numbers.
       [Both thanks to Neils]
      Fix error in GPL address for utf8.c/h.
      Fix for spaces (|||) and dividers (---) on lineswhich have ","
       at the end causing an assert to fail.
       [Thanks to Neils and jahagirdar.gopal for reporting]
      Add FreeType support under USE_FREETYPE, although disabled by default
      Add anti-alising to some lines.
      Increase row heights when text is more than 2 lines long and size boxes
       accordingly.  [Thanks to ronaldpwilson for reporting this one]

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