Possible but unproven very very very rare case of mRNA vaccine worsening existing lymphoma

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Wm. Stewart

Sep 25, 2022, 8:36:17 AMSep 25
to mrnad...@googlegroups.com

Hi, once again I preface my remarks with the note that I am a huge
vaccine supporter.  One word is all it should take: polio. However, if
there is one attribute of a good scientist, above all others, it is an
open mind.  And there are three reasons to keep that open mind alert
when it comes to mRNA vaccines:

1. These technologies are so new, packaged inside lipid nanoparticles
with potential to go places in the body that previous vaccines could not.

2. The human body is so complex that unanticipated effects we could not
foresee are always possible.

3.  We do not yet have years of experience and data to tell us,
definitively beyond doubt, exactly what the effects of these vaccines are.

Therefore, I share this interesting report of a prominent scientist, and
vaccine reporter, that believes it is possible he is a very, very rare
case of the mRNA vaccine worsening an *existing* case of lymphoma.



If you read the article or communicate about this case, I suggest you
have the duty to read the entire article.  You will then note that the
individual, a very thoughtful and knowledgeable scientist, remains an
mRNA vaccine supporter.  He continues to state that its benefits greatly
outweigh possible, very rare, still unproven and uncorroborated cases
where the vaccine might have unusual side effects.

This email is purely for information sharing.  I will be taking the
bivalent vaccine as soon as it is available.  The cases of long covid
symptoms following infection are not rare.  And they are debilitating.

All my best,

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