Trying to simulate a large mob of clients using multi-threading.

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debjeet sarkar

Jun 5, 2016, 4:04:31 AM6/5/16
Hello ,

So I was trying to simulate a large number of clients(concurrent connections) using Paho-mqtt . My server is running on node using Aedes js. I am able to go upto 340 concurrent connection per python script that I am running , by which I mean to say that if I run my python script for more than 340 connections , I fail to receive connack for the connections requests beyond  request number #338-340.

This seems to be a limitation on the client-side scripts that I am trying to connect to my server. My server is able to hold about 25k concurrent connections when I am running the script multiple times with different ranges ( example : client 1-320 , client 321-640... (n-320)-n ).

Is this a limitation of the python script which apparently is failing to maintain more than 320 on_connect event handlers.

Suggestions appreciated.
 - D

Jun 10, 2016, 1:45:28 PM6/10/16
How are you setting up your connections?  Are you creating a new connection in each thread along with local callbacks or are you using one set of callback function that each thread calls?

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