Trigger a relay via Node Red and EspEasy

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Jul 14, 2021, 7:13:50 PM7/14/21
I have configured EspEasy on a generic ESP8266 card, and want to use Node Red and MQTT to switch a relay of an on.

I have set up the following in EspEasy:

Unit Name: Realy_Meaco
Unit Number 1

Controller Domoticz MQTT

Controller Subscribe: Relay_Meaco_1/#
Controller Publsih: Relay_Meaco_in

Devices: Input Switch at GPIO 12

Running GPIO,12,1 and GPIO,12,0 from the command line in EspEasy turns the swithc of an on, and sends information about this back to Node Red via RalayMeaco/in

In Node red I use Mqtt in and Mqtt out to comunicate with EspEasy:

Mqtt in: Topic: Relay_Meaco_1/in

Mqtt out: Topic: Relay_Meaco_1/cmd

I have two injection nodes trying to send the following: gpio,12,1 and gpio,12,0 to Mqtt out, but nothing happens. If I manually run the commands from the comman consoll in EspEasy, Mqtt in will report back the result.

I am sure there is something I have missed, because I had this up and running two weeks ago, but I blew the Esp8266, so I am no using another, and I cannot remember exactly how I didi it.

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