Please Recommend stress testing tool for event processing MQTT, CoAP, Websocket

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minsung park

Dec 1, 2015, 2:26:08 AM12/1/15
Hey there,

I'm finding the stress testing tool for event processing (MQTT, CoAP, Websocket)

I used the LOADRUNNER and studied Gatling also.
But Gatling supported HTTP protocol except MQTT, I know... so Gatling is dropped our stress testing tool.

so I wonder what can I use it (Gatling, LOADRUNNER, STOMRUNNER, JMeter, etc ...)

Please recommend me ... and 
How can measure EPS(Event Per Second) using MQTT, CoAP, WebSocket ?

Thanks for any hints or help in advance!!
(sorry I am not good at English..)

Dominik Obermaier

Dec 1, 2015, 3:07:44 AM12/1/15
You may want to use distributed stress testing tools. Tools running on a single machine are seldom useful, most MQTT brokers can handle more load than a single machine can produce. Also, a single machine with one network interface can only simulate ~64510 client connections per network interface (only in case you don't use a library which spawns a thread per connection). And of course you should make sure to run the tools and brokers on dedicated hardware.

I heard people find mqtt-malaria useful for these kind of tests. For testing your exact load distribution, you must probably roll your own tool, though.

Another caveat: Benchmarks don't always test what one would expect and correct benchmarks are very rare, most benchmarks test artificial conditions you won't face in production systems.

Having that said, I would recommend the following:

* mqtt-malaria
* mqttbench (Wasn't able to produce more than 20k msg/s on my machine, though)
* A simple own implementation based on non-blocking, async libraries (libuv, netty, grizzly, ...)

Hope this helps!
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