HTTP API for MQTT Broker (Mosquitto)

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Satish Madala

Nov 13, 2014, 12:25:00 AM11/13/14

I have a MQTT Broker (Server) to which 20,000 publishing clients will be sending "Json Data". And among those pub-clients, Few clients can directly send through MQTT  protocol but few clients can send only through HTTP POST.

How to build a Bridge for both protocols. Moreover, I wish to unencrypt the data posted by client & validate data-type for few required fields and Save to MongoDB (or Send to subscriber client to save it to DB?)

Andy Piper

Nov 13, 2014, 12:20:01 PM11/13/14
You could always just use node-red to do the bridging.

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Satish Madala

Nov 13, 2014, 8:44:15 PM11/13/14
Hi Andy,

I find Nodejs and Punte a bit unmanageable (I have few custom modifications). Are there any Python alternatives? 

Can I use Punte in production ? How do i make MQTT Publishers authenticate to particular topic for data posting & validate data on punte before saving it to MongoDB?

I want to make this on broker end! The downside of subscribing-client doing this is, if data-load increases on wldcard, subscribing-client  may miss the data while it also have to save it to DB!! Do the same problem persists with broker too? 

Dominik Obermaier

Nov 14, 2014, 6:20:19 AM11/14/14
Hi Satish,

we have seen many projects where people are using the HiveMQ plugin system for persisting messages to the DB (see [1], [2]). In recent projects some customers of us were using the HiveMQ RESTService [3], [4]. This allows to use standard JAX-RS 2.0 resource implementations to be used together with MQTT. So writing a MQTT-HTTP bridge (with custom logic for your use case) is a few-liner.

You'd need to do that with Java, though. If this is a showstopper for you, some out-of-the-box bridges like Ponte may work. I'd be also interested to know if there are any python alternatives available :)



Andrea Selva

Nov 14, 2014, 7:12:56 AM11/14/14

if you need just to bridge two protocols,probably an integration solution like Camel could also be a viable solution.


Shashank Agarwal

Nov 29, 2014, 7:07:43 AM11/29/14
Hi Satish, 

As Andy suggested, Node-red ( is worth looking at. It's a graphical mesh-up tool and you could do pretty much anything with input and send outputs to multitude of systems.

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