ANN: mpmath 0.13 released

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Fredrik Johansson

Aug 13, 2009, 3:48:18 PM8/13/09
Hi all,

Version 0.13 of mpmath is now available from the website:

It can also be downloaded from the Python Package Index:

Mpmath is a pure-Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point
arithmetic that implements an extensive set of mathematical functions.
It can be used as a standalone library or via SymPy
(, and is also available as a
component of Sage (

Version 0.13 implements about 30 new special functions, including
Kelvin, Struve, Coulomb, Whittaker, associated Legendre, Meijer G,
Appell, incomplete beta, generalized exponential integral, Hurwitz
zeta and Clausen functions. The algorithms for hypergeometric-type
functions have been greatly improved to robustly handle arbitrarily
large arguments and limit cases of the parameters. Other new features
and bug fixes are included as well.

For a more comprehensive changelog, see:

For development tidbits and demonstrations of the new features, see
the blog:

Extensive documentation is available at:

Bug reports and other comments are welcome on the issue tracker at or the mpmath mailing

My work on mpmath 0.13 was made with the goal to bring
arbitrary-precision evaluation of special functions in Sage up to par
with Mathematica and Maple, and was kindly sponsored by the American
Institute of Mathematics under the support of National Science
Foundation Grant No. 0757627. Special thanks to Sage's lead developer
William Stein for offering his grant resources to support this
project, and for providing much encouragement. The new version of
mpmath will soon be available in Sage.


Fredrik Johansson

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