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Fredrik Johansson

Nov 21, 2017, 8:48:37 AM11/21/17

Nicolás Guarín-Zapata suggested submitting mpmath to the Journal of Open Source Software ( Here is an issue for it:

The submission itself essentially just requires an abstract and an author list. The benefit is that we get a normal-looking citation with a DOI, which will become the suggested default citation for mpmath. This will give all listed authors recognition (in the world of citation metrics) and should encourage more scholars to cite mpmath.

Is anyone interested in preparing such a submission?

The work that needs to be done is mainly to write the abstract and solicit approval and affiliation data from the authors.

We would need to decide who should be included as an author. The list should include at least the following people (unless anyone opts out):

Fredrik Johansson
Vinzent Steinberg
Mario Pernici
Juan Arias de Reyna
Kris Kuhlman
Timo Hartmann
Case Van Horsen
Mike Taschuk

I would also be willing to include Sergey B Kirpichev if he is interested, since he has done a lot to improve the code, as well as Ondrej Certik.

A few other people have contributed a small number of patches, which seems more borderline to me.

Have I missed anyone?


Fredrik Johansson

Nov 25, 2017, 2:41:52 PM11/25/17
One person I forgot about -- Ken Allen.


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