readModels error "function 'Rcpp_precious_remove' not provided by package"

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Elizabeth A. Sanders

Sep 1, 2021, 7:57:03 PM9/1/21
to MplusAutomation

I'm trying to extract results for a basic growth model with missing data patterns implemented. The modeling code in Mplus works fine. The input and runModels code in R works great, and I checked the output files are working (no error or convergence problems). It is only the readModels code that doesn't work and even makes my R hang so I have to restart it every time (I've tried a few things now) -- btw this same piece of code works great for a different investigation I'm working on. Is it possibly due to the missing data pattern portion of the output? Here is the error message:

Error extracting MODEL RESULTS in output file:
<simpleError in split_indices(as.integer(splitv), attr(splitv, "n")): function 'Rcpp_precious_remove' not provided by package 'Rcpp'>

I don't see anything like it on the listserv or github thus far.

Would super appreciate help! I'm attaching what one of the output files looks like.


Sep 28, 2021, 9:20:00 PM9/28/21
to MplusAutomation
Hi Elizabeth,

I took a look at your output file and did not have any problem reading it using readModels. It's also worth noting that MplusAutomation does not use Rcpp directly at all (only perhaps through dependencies on other packages). So, I think it's likely to be a problem with some related package, most likely Rcpp itself. I would try running install.packages("Rcpp"). Then in a new R session, try the readModels command again.

Hope this helps,

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