Looks like a scam artist found me

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Debra Axness

Oct 15, 2021, 11:25:36 AM10/15/21
to Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group
I wanted to give everyone a heads up - I received the following email from a company called zintro.com. Offers $425 to me to "share my insights". This didn't pass the smell test to me, any thoughts from other web developers?
"Hi Debra,

Our client would like to speak with multiple web and app developers across different platforms who can share insights on different software, web, application, or mobile development.

They are aiming to better understand the different applications developed and hardware used.

Your profile came up when I searched on LinkedIn and I think you're a good fit for this project.

An incentive of $425 will be paid to participants for this 2-hour online focus group. A $150 bonus is also available for every successful referral.

Kindly respond to the question below as to your relevance in this space:

- Do you do web and app development as part of your work or as a hobby?

A. Work
B. Hobby

Please also include the best contact number to reach you.

Please note that we are only interested in your personal point of view and not seeking any confidential information.

Looking forward to your response.


Jey Ann Marie Gangoso | Research Analyst at Zintro

A 177 Huntington Avenue Suite 1703 Boston, MA 02115

E  jgan...@zintro.com

P +1-877-236-7016


Zintro is a global expert network. Made up of thousands of specialized subject matter experts, providing valuable perspectives for market research and consulting: customer feedback, technical analysis, investment due diligence, board advisory, research and development and more."

Debra Axness

Oct 26, 2021, 9:33:42 PM10/26/21
to Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group
This company zintro.com must really have me on their radar. I received another email from someone else there, offering $425 to "interview" me for a focus group of web developers.
Has anyone ever heard of this outfit? Like everyone else, I could use extra cash, but it sure sounds like a scam gotcha to me. Thoughts, anyone?


Nov 1, 2021, 6:15:26 PM11/1/21
to Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group
You could always respond and get more information. I'm not familiar with Zintro, but I have been paid by other companies for focus group interviews. Never $425, but the interviews were all under an hour.

Debra Axness

Nov 2, 2021, 1:18:53 PM11/2/21
to Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group
Thanks William. Maybe I'll proceed with caution.
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