New Insole Puts An End To Joint Pain Effortlessly

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May 17, 2021, 8:30:18 AMMay 17

New Insole Puts An End To Joint Pain Effortlessly

Walking with pain in your feet is probably one of the worst feelings to have.

After dealing with the problem first hand, our team set about trying to find a product that would prevent it rather than treat it. Taking medication is only masking the symptoms – which can be unhealthy and dangerous. When we found Acuhealer, we knew we were onto a good thing. Not only does this silicone and magnetic insole work for both men and women, but it combats a range of health problems. Read More

Using a robust and durable silicone rubber coupled with magnetic nano-technology, Acuhealer works by providing a comfortable and safe base for your feet to rest. Even when you’re on them all day, there is plenty of padding to combat the impact that hard flooring can have on your feet. However, that’s not all they can do. On closer inspection, we found that the raised portions of the insole had a massaging effect. As you walk, you are receiving a luxurious foot massage which will make you want to keep walking!

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