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Jonathan Griffin

Mar 22, 2012, 4:12:23 PM3/22/12
Consuming buildbot messages via pulse has been a tricky affair, because
these messages are fairly arbitrary in structure, and change frequently
and without warning. To address these pitfalls, I've created a new
service, the PulseTranslator, which consumes buildbot messages and
republishes them in a standardized format.

For users who are currently consuming raw buildbot messages, if you
switch to consuming the normalized messages, you will reduce the risk of
future breakage when underlying buildbot messages change. Such changes
may still cause the PulseTranslator to fail, but now there is a single
point of failure where such problems may be fixed, and we won't need to
fix them individually in every pulse consumer.

The PulseTranslator lives at;
see the README for details on exchanges and routing keys. It's
currently running on flyingtanks.

If you've been using pulsebuildmonitor
( to consume buildbot
messages, you should still use that. It's been updated to consume the
normalized messages, so you'll need to upgrade your copy to the latest.
pulsebuildmonitor requires a newer version of mozillapulse, so you can
either 'easy_install mozillapulse' or get the latest version from

for details on message formats. If you're upgrading pulsebuildmonitor,
please also note the section at the bottom of the README about
upgrading, as the API has changed slightly.


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